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Surface Stations

People have quite reasonably asked about my connection with the surface stations article, given my puzzlement at Anthony’s announcement last week. Anthony described my last-minute involvement here. As readers are probably aware, I haven’t taken much issue with temperature data other than pressing the field to be more transparent. The satellite data seems quite convincing […]

Station Homogenization as a Statistical Procedure

Temperature stations are known to be affected by numerous forms of inhomogeneity. Allowing for such inhomogeneities is an interesting and not very easy statistical problem. Climate scientists have developed some homemade methods to adjust for such homogeneities, with Menne’s changepoint-based algorithm introduced a few years ago in connection with USHCN among the most prominent. Although […]


A new HadSST3 version has been recently published. It starts the process of unwinding Folland’s erroneous Pearl Harbour bucket adjustment, an adjustment that has been embedded in HadSST for nearly 20 years.

Bucket Adjustments: More Bilge from RealClimate

NASA blogger Gavin Schmidt has once again fabricated claims against Climate Audit’s posts on bucket adjustments. CA readers are aware that I discussed bucket adjustments on a number of occasions long before Thompson et al 2008, in particular, questioning the absurd IPCC assumption that all SST measurements switched from buckets to engine inlet on the […]

ICOADS – Hawaii

Although the formatting of the SST datasets needs to be completely freshened up, once again, before commenting, I commend the SST collaters for honoring their data by ensuring the preservation of comprehensive metadata – as opposed to their cousins at CRU and GISS. Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be any statistical analyses of SST measurements […]

A First Look at ICOADS

For quite a while, I’ve urged people interested in gridded temperatures to really look at the SST data – realdata not adjusted data. SST makes up 2/3 of the record, but temperature critics spend 99.99% of their time on land data. In part, it’s because the data sets are much larger, but increased power of […]

GISS: Warmest March ever in Finland

A year and half ago Steve recalled some encounters with NASA GISS. One could imagine that after all that embarrassment the quality control in GISS temperature products was by now highly improved. One could be also wrong. In the March 2010 GISS temperature anomaly map Finland appears as a “hot spot” surrounded by cold temperatures: […]

Phil Jones called out by Swedes on data availability issue

From an emailed PRESS RELEASE on March 5, 2010 Climate scientist delivers false statement in parliament enquiry It has come to our attention, that last Monday (March 1), Dr. Phil Jones, head of the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia (CRU), in a hearing with the House of Commons Science and Technology […]

Lazarus of the Thermometers

The “Great Dying of Thermometers”, to use E.M. Smith’s (Chiefio) apt phrase has been discussed here from time to time for several years. Contrary to some misconceptions, it’s not that people mysteriously stopped taking temperatures around 1990. GHCN had said that it would update its non-CLIMAT (mostly airports) station data from time to time and […]

The End of CRUTEM?

The UK Met Office has updated their CRUTEM webpage, providing a list of countries that have thus far responded with release permissions. CRU is now pretty much redundant in CRUTEM, with the Met Office having stepped in to do the things that CRU should have done long ago. This is a transfer of responsibility that […]