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Surface Stations

People have quite reasonably asked about my connection with the surface stations article, given my puzzlement at Anthony’s announcement last week. Anthony described my last-minute involvement here. As readers are probably aware, I haven’t taken much issue with temperature data other than pressing the field to be more transparent. The satellite data seems quite convincing […]

Gridding from CRN1-2

In order to assess the 2006 anomaly in John V’s 2006 calculation reported previously, I’ve calculated a gridded anomaly for the U.S. using standard spatial smoothing software in R. This enables the calculation to be done in a few lines as explained below. I’ll also show results which reconcile most of the results to date. […]

2006 and CRN1-2

John V has posted some graphics recently arguing that CRN1-2 yielded pretty much the same results as major temperature indices and, in some sense, vindicated these results. As Gavin Schmidt has pointed out, the U.S. is only 2% of the world’s surface; and as I’ve observed on many occasions, the statistical methodologies and data quality […]