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Mike’s AGU Trick

There has been considerable recent discussion of the fact that observations have been running cooler than models – see, for example, Lucia’s discussion of IPCC AR5 SOD Figure 9.8 (see here). However, Michael Mann at AGU took an entirely different line. Mann asserted that observations were running as hot or hotter than models. Mann’s assertion […]

NASA: “Hide this after Jim checks it”

The word “hide” has obviously attracted a lot of attention lately – “hide the decline” even occasioning its own song. Today I’d like to discuss the following remarkable instructions by a NASA employee in the recently disclosed NASA emails (available at Judicial Watch): Robert, please move to the CU site and hide this after Jim […]

Today's GISS Conundrum

Jean S has written to me with another installment in our ongoing series about GISS conundrums. The puzzle starts with plotting the annual (Dec-Nov) GISS 1200 km anomaly map for the period 1991-2008 (here using 1961-1990 reference.) As you see, there is a Gavinesque red spot offshore Ecuador. Radio buttons generate plots at GISS here. […]

Tropical Troposphere – March 2009

Lucia, Anthony, Roy Spencer and David Stockwell (my, there’s a growing list of analytical blogs) have already posted on March 2009 temperatures and trends. While I’m not first off the mark on this, I’ll be the first to post tropical trends – something that I do from time to time. (This requires a little bit […]

Hello, Viet Nam!

Hey, NOAA, if you’re not too busy deleting data, you can drop in and say hello.

"Anomalous" in Finland

Occasionally, I’ve been criticized for spending too much time on NASA GISS. Since we aim to please even our severest critics, let’s spend a little time today on NOAA, which has just reported the second warmest October of all time. I downloaded the NOAA gridded data (who mercifully, in this case, at least use .gz […]

A Collation Utility for GISS dset1 and dset2

GISS has been providing a considerable amount of intermediate information on their results. Unfortunately, it’s been provided in binary format that is presumably suited for people who speak Fortran with a Unix accent. I presume that such people converse with one another in medieval Latin. It’s not very handy for people who use modern languages. […]

OK, What Caused the Problem?

Are you like me and a little puzzled as to exactly how the GHCN-GISS problem happened? GISS blamed their supplier (NOAA GHCN). Unfortunately NOAA’s been stone silent on the matter. I checked the Russian data at and there was nothing wrong with it. Nor is there anything wrong at GHCN-Daily for stations reporting there. […]

Should the Credibility Crunch Move to NOAA?

Some RC commenters are bemoaning the criticism that GISS is currently weathering. For example, Tamino: Although the error originated NOT with GISS but before numbers even got through their door, I’ve heard no cries for heads to roll at NOAA or NWS — just vicious attacks on GISS. As so often, Tamino simply makes stories […]

Memo to Gavin Schmidt

From: He Whose Name You are Not Allowed to Utter Gavin, you said: [Response: There are still (at least) four stations that have Oct data in place of september data but that didn’t report september data (Kirensk, Irkutsk, Bratsk, Erbogacen). I expect that the SEP=OCT check that NOAA did, just didn’t catch these. Still, this […]