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Watch the Ball

NASA spokesman Gavin Schmidt announced at realclimate that Hansen et al had fixed the Russian (and elsewhere data), following corrections to the data made by their supplier (NOAA GHCN.) Even though errors of over 10 deg C had occurred over the world’s largest land mass, it only reduced GISS October temperature by 0.21 deg C […]

Gavin Schmidt: "The processing algorithm worked fine."

In the last few days, NASA has been forced to withdraw erroneous October temperature data. The NASA GISS site is down, but NASA spokesman Gavin Schmidt said at their blog outlet that “The processing algorithm worked fine.” Schmidt blamed the failure on defects in a product from a NASA supplier and expressed irritation that NASA […]

Say My Name

In an online trailer for a new climate documentary, James Hansen, presumably exhausted from answering “niggling questions” at a gala Lehman Bros dinner tells the film-maker: I’m not going to use McIntyre’s name. The problem of name usage has been recently considered in several important philosophy workshops and conferences. On the top right, I linked […]

GISS Spackle and Caulk

Earlier this year I did a post on the amount of estimation done to the GHCN temperature record by GISS before generating zonal and global averages. A graphic I posted compared the amount of real temperature data with the amount of estimation over time. To read the graphic, consider 2000 as an example. As of […]

Hansen Update

No single topic seems to arouse as much blog animosity as any discussion of Hansen’s projections. Although NASA employees are not permitted to do private work for their bosses off-hours (a currying favor prohibition, I suppose) – for example, secretaries are not supposed to do typing, over at realclimate, Gavin Schmidt, in his “private time”, […]

GISS Gridded Data

GISS gridded data is online but in a format that is unintelligible to people who are working with modern computer languages, as opposed to Fortran and who do not know whether their machines are “littleendian” or “bigendian” (see here for GISS discussion) – phrases rather reminiscent of Gulliver’s Travels, perhaps an apt text for Hansen. […]

NASA Step 2 Some Benchmarks

I’m finally stating to come up for air after dealing with the fetid grubs and maggots of Hansen’s code. Needless to say, key steps are not mentioned in the underlying publications, Hansen et al 1999, 2001. I’m not going to discuss these issues today. Instead, I want to show 3 case studies where I’ve been […]

NASA Step 2: Another Iteration

Here are some more notes and scripts in which I’ve made considerable progress on GISS Step 2. As noted on many occasions, the code is a demented mess – you’d never know that NASA actually has software policies (e.g. here or here . I guess that Hansen and associates regard themselves as being above the […]

GISS Step 2

Here are some notes and functions on some work that I did last fall trying to benchmark the GISS Step 2 adjustment in a non-US site. My first efforts to follow the written prescription have been unsuccessful. I’m placing some tools and a benchmark case (Wellington NZ) online and perhaps people who are trying to […]

Homogeneity Adjustment – Part II

Yesterday I described the work done to the surface station records in Hansen Step 2 in preparation for adjusting urban stations to match the trend of nearby rural stations. The basic substeps are Deciding which stations are rural and which are urban. The methodology used for most of North America differs from that applied to […]