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Hansen, WG3 and Green Kool-aid

In today’s post, I’m going to discuss three articles on renewables by representatives of three green factions: (1) Hansen’s comparison of belief in renewables to belief in the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy and his comparison of such policies to forcing his grandchildren to drink kool-aid. Hansen placed part of the “intellectual” blame for […]

NASA GISS – Adjusting the Adjustments

As a simple exercise, I quickly revisited the everchanging Hansen adjustments, a topic commented on acidly by E.M. Smith (Chiefio) in many posts – also see his interesting comments in the thread at a guest post at Anthony‘s, a post which revisited the race between 1934 and 1998 – an issue first raised at Climate […]

Y2K Re-Visited

Long-time CA visitors will recall the events in mid Sept 2007 when NASA GISS made abrupt changes to US historical temperature data without annotation – a month after the Y2K changes. Some fresh light has been shed on these events by the NASA FOI. At the time, I observed: no wonder Hansen can’t joust with […]

FOIed Emails on Hansen Y2K

If anyone is wondering whether emails by U.S. government employees are “private” and “personal” – an assertion sometimes made in respect to emails at CRU, an institution subject to UK FOI – the answer in respect to NASA GISS appears to be no. Link:  Judicial Watch announced today that it has obtained internal documents from […]

OK, What Caused the Problem?

Are you like me and a little puzzled as to exactly how the GHCN-GISS problem happened? GISS blamed their supplier (NOAA GHCN). Unfortunately NOAA’s been stone silent on the matter. I checked the Russian data at meteo.ru and there was nothing wrong with it. Nor is there anything wrong at GHCN-Daily for stations reporting there. […]

Hansen's Kingsnorth Testimony

A reader writes in about Hansen’s submission at the Kingsnorth trial. I’m posting up a thread under a couple of conditions. Hansen’s take on scientific matters is influential and important and discussion of scientific topics will be permitted. Please do not post on anything that remotely touches on policy. Please do not make posts complaining […]

Hansen Update

No single topic seems to arouse as much blog animosity as any discussion of Hansen’s projections. Although NASA employees are not permitted to do private work for their bosses off-hours (a currying favor prohibition, I suppose) – for example, secretaries are not supposed to do typing, over at realclimate, Gavin Schmidt, in his “private time”, […]

Hansen’s “Reference Method” in a Statistical Context

I’ve discussed “mixed effects” methods from time to time in paleoclimate contexts, observing that this statistical method known off the Island can provide a context for some paleoclimate recipes, e.g. in making tree ring chronologies. This would make a pretty good article. Another interesting example of this technique, which would also make a pretty good […]

Hansen and "False Local Adjustments"

Over the last few days, I’ve shown that Hansen et al 1999 illustrated and discussed the effect of the NASA adjustment for two stations (Phoenix, Tokyo) where the NASA urban adjustment yielded the expected adjustment (denoted in these posts as a “positive” adjustment). In an earlier post, I’d observed that negative urban adjustments (i.e. for […]

Hansen and Hot Summers in the Southeast

Hansen et al 1988 reported that they expected extra warming in the SE United States, a theme that was mentioned in his testimony in Washington in summer 1987. Hansen et al 1988 stated: there is a tendency in the model for greater than average warming in the southeastern and central U.S. and relatively cooler or […]