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Hansen 1988: Details of Forcing Projections

During our discussions of the differences between Hansen Scenarios A and B – during which the role of CFCs in Scenario A gradually became clearer – the absence of a graph clearly showing the allocation of radiative forcing between GHGs stood out rather starkly to me. When Gavin Schmidt re-visited the topic in May 2007, […]

Hansen Scenarios A and B – Revised

This is a somewhat restated version of an earlier post seeking to understand the differences between Hansen Scenarios A and B. Rather than trying to clarify matters here, Gavin Schmidt posted over at Tim Lambert’s. In this morning’s post, I correctly identified that the difference between Scenarios A and B for periods up to the […]

Thoughts on Hansen et al 1988

Update (Jul 28, 2008): On Jan 18, 2008, two days after this article was posted, RSS issued a revised version of their data set. The graphics below are based on RSS versions as of Jan 16, 2008, the date of this article, and, contrary to some allegations on the internet, I did not “erroneously” use […]

Hansen and the “Destruction of Creation”

Hansen has followed up his “Lights Out Upstairs” outburst with another outburst dismissing critics as “court jesters” with whom he will have no truck. (Lights Out is now cited on the NASA website.) His new jeremiad re-iterated the position of NASA spokesman Gavin Schmidt that U.S. errors “didn’t matter” because the U.S. was only 2% […]

Does Hansen’s Error “Matter”?

There’s been quite a bit of publicity about Hansen’s Y2K error and the change in the U.S. leaderboard (by which 1934 is the new warmest U.S. year) in the right-wing blogosphere. In contrast, realclimate has dismissed it a triviality and the climate blogosphere is doing its best to ignore the matter entirely. My own view […]

“Lights Out Upstairs”

Hansen has published an online letter entitled A Light On Upstairs? The letter concludes by saying: My apologies if the quick response that I sent to Andy Revkin and several other journalists, including the suggestion that it was a tempest inside somebody’s teapot dome, and that perhaps a light was not on upstairs, was immoderate. […]

Quantifying the Hansen Y2K Error

I observed recently that Hansen’s GISS series contains an apparent error in which Hansen switched the source of GISS raw from USHCN adjusted to USHCN raw for all values January 2000 and later. For Detroit Lakes MN, this introduced an error of 0.8 deg C. I’ve collated GISS raw minus USHCN adjusted for all USHCN […]

Hansen’s Y2K Error

Eli Rabett and Tamino have both advocated faith-based climate science in respect to USHCN and GISS adjustments. They say that the climate “professionals” know what they’re doing; yes, there are problems with siting and many sites do not meet even minimal compliance standards, but Hansen’s software is able to “fix” the defects in the surface […]

Hansen Calls IPCC Adjustments "Ad Hoc" and of "Dubious Validity"

A while ago, I made a couple of posts on CRU adjustments to 19th century SST estimates based on their speculations about the use of canvas and wooden buckets. (While I’ve posted some questions about land temperature records, there is a far more pressing need to wade through SST procedures. My earlier posts were here […]

The Hansen Splice

Mg/Ca proxies measure the temperature of calcification of G. ruber, which is not necessarily the same as surface temperature. Dahl et al state G. ruber is present year–round at Site 723B, but experiences blooms during both monsoon seasons and calcifies above 80 m water depth (14–16)…. In accordance with the seasonality of G. ruber in […]