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The “Hartwell Paper”

Pielke Jr and 13 other authors have published a paper advocating a “re-framing” of climate policy. Co-authors that may be somewhat familiar to CA readers include Atte Korhola and Mike Hulme (a seemingly anomalous search term in the Climategate letters). Daniel Sarewitz checked in briefly at CA a few years ago. The coauthors tend to […]

The U.S. Election

For several months, the words Obama and McCain have not been allowed in posts here. I’m declaring a one-day moratorium on this policy. This was not because I’m uninterested in the U.S. election – quite the opposite. I thought that this particular election was an important one. And, quite aside from the importance of the […]

Hansen and the “Destruction of Creation”

Hansen has followed up his “Lights Out Upstairs” outburst with another outburst dismissing critics as “court jesters” with whom he will have no truck. (Lights Out is now cited on the NASA website.) His new jeremiad re-iterated the position of NASA spokesman Gavin Schmidt that U.S. errors “didn’t matter” because the U.S. was only 2% […]