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A new HadSST3 version has been recently published. It starts the process of unwinding Folland’s erroneous Pearl Harbour bucket adjustment, an adjustment that has been embedded in HadSST for nearly 20 years.

Bucket Adjustments: More Bilge from RealClimate

NASA blogger Gavin Schmidt has once again fabricated claims against Climate Audit’s posts on bucket adjustments. CA readers are aware that I discussed bucket adjustments on a number of occasions long before Thompson et al 2008, in particular, questioning the absurd IPCC assumption that all SST measurements switched from buckets to engine inlet on the […]

ICOADS – Hawaii

Although the formatting of the SST datasets needs to be completely freshened up, once again, before commenting, I commend the SST collaters for honoring their data by ensuring the preservation of comprehensive metadata – as opposed to their cousins at CRU and GISS. Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be any statistical analyses of SST measurements […]

A First Look at ICOADS

For quite a while, I’ve urged people interested in gridded temperatures to really look at the SST data – realdata not adjusted data. SST makes up 2/3 of the record, but temperature critics spend 99.99% of their time on land data. In part, it’s because the data sets are much larger, but increased power of […]

Indiana Jones and the Hollerith Punch Cards

I’ve been foraging through ICOADS SST data for the past week and have a number of posts in progress. Here’s a diagram that I’m planning to do several comments on. It shows information on the provenance of ICOADS data between 1850, the start of the HadCRU SST record, and the present. It is very obvious […]

Did Canada switch from Engine Inlets in 1926 Back to Buckets?

Folland has been the leading IPCC authority on bucket adjustments. Folland et al 1993 carries out a comparison from early 1980s measurements of (presumably predominantly insulated) bucket and non-bucket measurements, arguing that the difference was about 0.08 (less than 0.12-0.18 suggested in 2006 by Kent and Kaplan. They reported a puzzling situation in the Gulf […]

Lost at Sea: the Search Party

Uninsulated Buckets A CA reader emailed me, observing that there may be relevant differences in insulated and uninsulated buckets in the post-World War 2 period, which could easily affect adjustment schedules. This makes a lot of sense to me and might reconcile a few puzzles and opening others. Let’s say that the delta between engine […]

SST Revisions and Hurricanes

Judith Curry writes: we are obviously interested in the implications of this SST issue for hurricanes.

Lost at Sea

Thompson et al 2008, writing in Nature, assure their readers, the data before ~1940 and after the mid-1960s are not expected to require further corrections for changes from uninsulated bucket to engine room intake measurements Is there a shred of evidence to support this assertion? There is convincing evidence otherwise – evidence already reported here. […]

Nature "Discovers" Another Climate Audit Finding

In an article in Nature today by Thompson, Kennedy, Wallace and Phil Jones claim: Here we call attention to a previously overlooked discontinuity in the record at 1945, Well, folks, the discontinuity may have been overlooked by Hadley Center, CRU, NOAA and NASA and by the stadiums of IPCC peer reviewers, but it wasn’t overlooked […]