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Rasmus, the Chevalier and Bucket Adjustments

We’ve heard a lot recently from RC about whether solar can account for temperature variations in the 20th century. While my primary interest in these ruminations is the possibility of pinning down a set of standards by which they agree that a study is “bad” – since it’s hard for me to determine any sins […]

More Phil Jones Correspondence

CA reader Geoff Sherrington, an Australian scientist, sends the following email exchange with Phil Jones in early 2006 (original post here). Geoff observes: there is a reluctance to answer direct questions with direct answers and a lot of red herrings thrown in. Readers can deduce what they like from the exchange, where Phil says he […]

Recyclable AbathyThermograph Instruments

Lyman et al have had to correct their paper on ocean cooling, as the effect that they observed has proved to derive in part from a bias from “Xpendable Bathy Thermograph (XBT) instruments”. They report The rapid decrease in globally integrated upper (0—750 m) ocean heat content anomalies (OHCA) between 2003 and 2005 reported by […]

The Team and Pearl Harbor

One of the Team’s more adventurous assumptions in creating temperature histories is that there was an abrupt and universal change in SST measurement methods away from buckets to engine inlets in 1941, coinciding with the U.S. entry into World War II. As a result, Folland et al introduced an abrupt adjustment of 0.3 deg C […]

Buckets and Engines

Here is a remarkable graphic from a new publication, Kent et al 2007, showing the distribution of SST measurements between buckets and engine inlets from 1970 on. I think that this evidence has great significance for the Folland and Parker SST adjustment, which is one of the most fundamental Team adjustments. I’ll discuss this more […]

Hansen Calls IPCC Adjustments "Ad Hoc" and of "Dubious Validity"

A while ago, I made a couple of posts on CRU adjustments to 19th century SST estimates based on their speculations about the use of canvas and wooden buckets. (While I’ve posted some questions about land temperature records, there is a far more pressing need to wade through SST procedures. My earlier posts were here […]

IPCC 1995 [SAR] – An Extended Excerpt

Continuing my industrious typing from old IPCC reports, here is an extended excerpt from IPCC 1995 (SAR) dealing with climate change and variability. If you recall from IPCC 1990, it left an important oustanding question as to the impossibility of attributing the portion of present warming that it is due to human influences, when the […]

SST Adjustment #2

A little while ago, I mentioned here the curious and very large adjustment to 19th century sea surface temperatures based on changing hypotheses about the relative use of wood and canvas buckets. It’s always worth checking whether there’s a hidden agenda for seemingly innocent adjustments. Sometimes my instincts are pretty good. Here’s Figure 3.20 from […]

Changing Adjustments to 19th Century SST

While there has been a great deal of discussion in other locations about possible urban heat island effect, there has been relatively little discussion about SST (sea surface temperature) adjustments and NMAT (night marine air temperature) adjustments. This is too bad. I’m not going to get into this, but there are some handy sources which […]