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Balascio et al and the Baffin Island Inconsistency

There was some publicity this week on a paper by Young et al (Science Advances, 2015), which, according to Gifford Miller , whose work has been frequently discussed at CA (see  tag), had supposedly put the “coup de grace on the Medieval Warm Period”, that had been so long wished for by the Team.   […]

Raymond Bradley and the Grand Old Duke of York

In today’s post, I’ll return to more typical Climate Audit programming.  Upside-down Mann’s mentor, Raymond Bradley, has somewhat surprisingly published an article (Balascio et al 2015) that supports a longstanding Climate Audit criticism of varve proxies. Bradley and coauthors did not report that their interpretation of an important Baffin Island series is upside-down to the […]

Varved Inconsistency

Since AR4, there have been a series of new multiproxy studies, several of which were cited in AR5 (Mann et al 2008; Ljungqvist et al 2010; Christiansen and Ljungqvist 2012; Shi et al 2013). A distinctive feature of these and other recent multiproxy studies is the incorporation of varve thickness and near-equivalent mass accumulation rate […]

Behind Closed Doors: “Perpetuating Rubbish”

The Yang Chinese composite, after the Mann PC1 and Yamal, had the third-largest hockey stick shape of the proxies illustrated in the IPCC AR4 spaghetti graph. I’d commented on this series on several occasions – see http://www.climateaudit.org/tag/yang The new emails show that Bradley thought that this series was, to use the technical term preferred by […]

Built Like an “Outhouse”

In an interview with the Boston Globe, Raymond Bradley said that the hockey stick is built like an “outhouse”. Bradley told the reporter that he’d built his outhouse out of brick – fancying himself, I guess, as the academic equivalent of the Third Little Pig. No one has ever accused the Team of statistical sophistication […]

“we could only do this back to about 1700”

Here is a longer excerpt from the July 19, 2000 Raymond Bradley Climategate email posted earlier today: [……At this point Keith Alverson throws up his hands in despair at the ignorance of non-model amateurs…] But there are real questions to be asked of the paleo reconstruction. First, I should point out that we calibrated versus […]

“On the Scent”

Here is an excerpt from a troubling Climategate email that hasn’t been discussed much (if at all) – from Raymond Bradley to Frank Oldfield of PAGES (172. 0963233839.txt) on July 20, 2000. I’m presenting only an excerpt today, but will discuss more from this email on another occasion. Bradley stated of MBH98-99 results: in the […]

Bradley Tries to Deal

At Lucia’s, Steve Mosher asks: did bradley make the charges to further a different goal? As indicated in the email sent by Bradley to a third party shown below, Bradley’s actual objective in filing the complaint against Wegman may not have been a concern over alleged plagiarism, but an effort to get Wegman’s criticisms of […]

Bradley Copies Fritts #2

In my previous post on Fritts and Bradley, I observed that Bradley’s so-called ”seminal” textbook had copied 12 of the first 13 figures in its dendro chapter from Fritts 1976, together with verbatim or near-verbatim caption (with a little more examining, this is now 17 of the first 19 figures in the textbook.) By focusing […]

Bradley Copies Fritts

In an early Deep Climate post about Wegman, DC characterized Bradley 1999, a revision of the 1985 edition of Bradley’s textbook, as “seminal”. In respect to the dendro chapter at least, this is flatly untrue. Bradley copied both graphics and language from Fritts’ 1976 textbook, Tree Rings and Climate. The USA Today article that prompted […]