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Kevin O’Neill’s “Fraud” Allegations

Over the past year or so, Mann’s “ClimateBall” defenders have taken an increasing interest in trying to vindicate Mannian principal components, the flaws of which Mann himself has never admitted.  Indeed, in Mann’s self-serving Hockey Stick Wars, Mann once again claimed that the defective method was simply an “alternative centering convention”. So far, I’ve taken little […]

What Happened to Gerald Schatten?

Gerald Schatten of the University of Pittsburgh was one of two corresponding authors (Hwang was the other) of Hwang et al 2005 (Science). As most CA readers know, the Hwang cloning results were fabricated – conduct that, in any field other than climate science, is regarded as more serious than copying boilerplate. For CA posts […]

The Vergano FOI Request

On Oct 21, 2010, Dan Vergano submitted an FOI request to George Mason University for email records of Edward Wegman and Yasmin Said under the Virginia FOI, requesting both expedited treatment and waiver of fees. On November 4, 2010, GMU sent him a flash-drive with the requested information, which included Wegman’s correspondence with a journal […]

Climategate Documents Confirm Wegman’s Hypothesis

Lost in the recent controversy over Said et al 2008 is that the Climategate documents provided conclusive evidence of the hypothesis originally advanced in the Wegman Report about paleoclimate peer review – that members of the Mann “clique” had been “reviewing other members of the same clique”. In today’s post, I’ll examine the origin of […]

Trenberth and Lifting Text Verbatim #2

On January 14, 2011, I reported here that Trenberth’s AMS presentation had lifted text verbatim or near-verbatim from Hasselmann 2010 with no citation in most cases and, in the one case where Hasselmann 2010 was cited, the citation was insufficient under standard academic practices given the lengthy near-quotation. Trenberth’s original presentation is here. This post […]

Bradley Tries to Deal

At Lucia’s, Steve Mosher asks: did bradley make the charges to further a different goal? As indicated in the email sent by Bradley to a third party shown below, Bradley’s actual objective in filing the complaint against Wegman may not have been a concern over alleged plagiarism, but an effort to get Wegman’s criticisms of […]

Bradley Copies Fritts #2

In my previous post on Fritts and Bradley, I observed that Bradley’s so-called ”seminal” textbook had copied 12 of the first 13 figures in its dendro chapter from Fritts 1976, together with verbatim or near-verbatim caption (with a little more examining, this is now 17 of the first 19 figures in the textbook.) By focusing […]


As readers know, Raymond Bradley’s allegation that “text was just lifted verbatim from my book and placed in the Wegman Report” has been widely publicized following Bradley’s interview with USA today. The allegation pertains to Wegman’s boilerplate section (2.1) describing proxies, a section in which neither MBH98-99 nor MM2003, 2005abcd are mentioned, and on which […]

The Wegman and North Reports for Newbies

In recent discussion of the Weblog 2007 Awards, several commenters at other blogs have argued that our criticisms of the Mannian parlor tricks have been “thoroughly refuted and discarded by climatologists, published in a credible journal”; that “other professionals in the field who also have “looked in great detail at the problem at hand” and […]

American Statistical Association Climate Change Workshop, Oct 26-27, 2007

I just learned (too late) about an interesting workshop sponsored by the American Statistical Association this weekend in Boulder. The announcement last summer stated: The American Statistical Association (ASA), the nation’s preeminent professional statistical society, today announced it will sponsor a two-day climate change workshop featuring 20–25 leading statisticians and atmospheric scientists. The event, sponsored […]