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Wegman's replies to Stupak

I know this is well after the event, but Dr Wegman’s extensive and detailed responses to Rep Stupak‘s written questions are interesting reading. I’m not aware that Steve linked to this document before. Beware though: the file is 10MB in size, so I’d recommend a right click followed by “Save Target as” – otherwise your […]

Curry on the Wegman Reports

Here are Judith Curry’s Comments on the Wegman Report. I appreciate these sorts of contributions and am obviously relying on such contributions (Willis, bender, etc.) more and more.

Trip Report

Back from Washington. I think that I’ve had enough Washington for a while. It takes me a lot of time to prepare; I don’t begrudge it and it’s useful to try to put what you’re thinking about into short statements, but it still takes time and it’s tiring. It’s a nuisance that Mann couldn’t get […]

Survivor Season 8: the Hockey Team – the Mann Overboard Episode

Well, back from Washington. I’m not very good at describing reactions and impressions and touchy-feely stuff like that; I’m more comfortable describing what’s different with the 53rd and 84th series out of 112, but I’ll try.

Wegman report released

Update (Steve): I’ve read the Wegman Report and it’s obviously very gratifying. I won’t be able to provide a review for about a week as we’ve got a family reunion this week-end with two of my sisters and their families arriving from Colorado and B.C. , plus I’ve got to do some preparation for next […]