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Sciencemag on House E&C Hearing

Richard Kerr of Science has reported on the House Energy and Commerce Committee hearings. Having lived through the hearings, it’s interesting to see how they get characterized. For example, Kerr says: He [North] said he doesn’t disagree with Wegman’s main finding that a single year or a single decade cannot be shown to be the […]

Trip Report

Back from Washington. I think that I’ve had enough Washington for a while. It takes me a lot of time to prepare; I don’t begrudge it and it’s useful to try to put what you’re thinking about into short statements, but it still takes time and it’s tiring. It’s a nuisance that Mann couldn’t get […]

Survivor Season 8: the Hockey Team – the Mann Overboard Episode

Well, back from Washington. I’m not very good at describing reactions and impressions and touchy-feely stuff like that; I’m more comfortable describing what’s different with the 53rd and 84th series out of 112, but I’ll try.

Neue Zürcher Zeitung (Swiss) Coverage

An interesting take on the controversy from the leading Swiss newspaper.

Answers to the House Committee on Cross-Validation Statistics

In a recent post, I showed that MBH had calculated cross-validation R2 statistics, but this information had been excluded from their summary of cross-validation statistics in their Supplementary Information here. We had surmised this in our original article, but had previously been unable to absolutely prove it. The House Committee requested information from M,B and […]

AAAS Letter

Alan Leshner, the CEO of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and Executive Publisher of Science, has written Rep. Barton objecting to the letters to Mann, Bradley and Hughes. The press release is here and the letter is online here. now

Blogs on Barton Letters

The Barton letters have occasioned an active debate in blogworld. Here are some links to some of the more active discussions. I’ll add others as they come to my attention as well as some blog comments without chats. Some of the links have a list of outbound topical links as well.

House of Representatives Committee

Several people have drawn attention to letters from the U.S. House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee to Mann, Bradley, Hughes, the director of the U.S. National Science Foundation and the chairman of the IPCC, which were posted up at the Committee website on Friday here. The letters refer to the Wall Street Journal [this […]