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Just When You Thought

Just when you thought that there was nothing left to say about MBH98, look at this MBH98 "flavor" that the cat dragged in today. This is a MBH-flavor reconstruction using MBH methodology and MBH proxies, following one of the NAS panel suggestions!! What did I do? Figure 1. A New MBH98 Flavor

Sciencemag on House E&C Hearing

Richard Kerr of Science has reported on the House Energy and Commerce Committee hearings. Having lived through the hearings, it’s interesting to see how they get characterized. For example, Kerr says: He [North] said he doesn’t disagree with Wegman’s main finding that a single year or a single decade cannot be shown to be the […]

Trip Report

Back from Washington. I think that I’ve had enough Washington for a while. It takes me a lot of time to prepare; I don’t begrudge it and it’s useful to try to put what you’re thinking about into short statements, but it still takes time and it’s tiring. It’s a nuisance that Mann couldn’t get […]