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“Shut-eyed Denial”

A shout-out for a review of Andrew Montford’s “The Hockey Stick Illusion” by Matt Ridley in Prospect Magazine. Andrew Montford’s The Hockey Stick Illusion is one of the best science books in years. It exposes in delicious detail, datum by datum, how a great scientific mistake of immense political weight was perpetrated, defended and camouflaged […]

The Register picks up the Yamal story

Just a quick interjection to note that the Yamal story has reached Andrew Orlowski of “The Register” under the title “Treemometers: a new scientific scandal“. [Steve: John A posted up this thread. I do not endorse everything in the article linked here. I also link to realclimate from time to time without agreeing with it. […]

CA struggles under load #94

For the umpteenth time (as long time CA readers will know) the blog is under heavy assault from people whose only wish is to read the latest from Steve McIntyre unfiltered. As a consequence, the MySQL db has caused lots of timeouts as the number of readers hits the maximum number of connections (which were […]

R – the choice for serious analysis

While Steve is a little “under the weather” (it must be all the snow that Al Gore sent him), I thought I’d mention an interesting article in the New York Times which sings the praises of the programming language R. R is similar to other programming languages, like C, Java and Perl, in that it […]

WordPress upgrade imminent

It’s late summer (or late winter in the SH) so it must be time to upgrade the blog to the latest and greatest WordPress edition. (why do I offer to do this? I must be mad) Climate Audit is current on a lowly version 2.2.1 and the latest version is 2.6.1 Much to my surprise, […]

Unthreaded #31

Can I recommend that contributors to Unthreaded conversations use the message board instead? Update: Several people have reported problems seeing CA properly or posting comments. Apparently this is something to do with corrupt cookies in your browser. Deleting the ones relating to appears to fix the problem

Unthreaded #30

Continuation of Unthreaded #29 Can I recommend however, that instead of using this thread, commenters should register and use the new CA Forum under the relevant headings. The same rules of conduct and topic apply on the forum of course, but it should be a lot quicker and easier to follow individual discussions than on […]

CA comments are back online

An explanation for the problem: All users should update to Bad Behavior 2.0.11 immediately to prevent being blocked from your own site. Within the past two days users have found themselves blocked from their own sites while using recent versions of Bad Behavior. A third party blacklist which Bad Behavior queries recently began sending false […]

I quit

John A writes: As Steve has already mentioned, I asked to stand down two weeks ago from the responsibilities involved in running this now notorious blog and return my life to some semblence of normality.

Steve interviewed on BBC Radio 4 "Today" programme

The interview is here starting at 17:40 (just move the scrollbar to around 17:30, you don’t have to wait!). The interview is obviously edited, but Steve manages to make some clear points.