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Short hiatus while moving to new home

Today Tomorrow (Thursday) sometime around 11am Pacific Standard Time, this server will go offline to be moved to its final home inside a colocation data center in California. The IP address will change, so give Anthony and team a couple of hours to move the server and reconfigure. Steve will change the domain to […]

If it seems a little quiet…

I’ve had to radically filter the connections to the weblog until we get our webhosting sorted out (hopefully this weekend). If you can read this, then you’re fortunate to be on a restricted number of subnets. The rest are getting a “403 Forbidden” error. We’ve had to block pretty much everybody because of the enormous […]

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Sorry for the loss of service

The server slowed down and stopped repeatedly as CA was either a) under a DDOS attack and/or b) got mentioned by Instapundit (the result is the same, the question is intent). I’ve changed the theme temporarily to make the site a bit faster. We are currently building a new server able to withstand these sorts […]

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Floods, attacks and misdirections

Apologies for the service in the past week, but I think the excuses may be valid. We had a two-and-a-half day outage when the home town (Gloucester, UK) of the webhost ( got flooded. Although the server hardware wasn’t affected, electrical power to the town became sporadic, and the ISPs supplying connectivity for fasthosts couldn’t […]

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WordPress update breaks theme

I upgraded the WordPress software to the latest and greatest yesterday, and it appears to have broken the theme (Tiga) which we were using. So while I fix the problem, CA may look peculiar as I might have to change themes temporarily. Your comments will still get through, so keep typing. Update: I think I’ve […]

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IPCC AR4: No skill in scientific forecasting

John A writes: After a brief search, I found the paper “Global Warming: Forecasts by Scientists versus Scientific Forecasts” This paper came to my attention via an article in the Sydney Morning Herald. It concerns a paper written by two experts on scientific forecasting where they perform an audit on Chapter 8 of WG1 in […]