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New statistics for Climate Audit

It’s interesting that different statistics gathering services record different results for the same measured quantity – in this case the answer to the question “how many people browse to Climate Audit?”.

IPCC: AR4 guidance on uncertainty

John A writes: I thought this would be interesting to note in passing. The IPCC has “Guidance Notes for Lead Authors of the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report on Addressing Uncertainties“.

A small request

In order to build a new dedicated server for CA, I need access to a Windows share or a Samba equivalent on the Internet for 24 hours. If anyone has such a facility with space for a 4.3 GB DVD image, then could they contact me?

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Server upgrade is coming soon

Due to the loading on the current dedicated server causing regular server crashes, I have decided to move CA and other hosted blogs to a new server with twice as much memory (2GB) and utilizing a proper server-oriented Linux rather than using a general purpose Linux. It demonstrates that if you’re going to do serious […]

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Spot the Hockey Stick #17: Lloyds of London

Following the discussion on insurers, RMS and climate change, someone pointed out that Lloyds of London also quotes a certain reconstruction of past temperatures. It wasn’t on the front page, but it wasn’t difficult to spot. From the document linked as “Adapt or Bust” but included as part of a document on “Catastrophe” as part […]

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