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Hand “Praised” McIntyre of Climate Audit

Lousie Gray of the DT reports Prof Hand praised the blogger Steve McIntyre of Climate Audit for uncovering the fact that inappropriate methods were used which could produce misleading results. Stranger and stranger. Unfortunately, Oxburgh “regrettably” “neglected” to mention this in his report. Maybe this is a little more schizophrenic than it appeared at first […]

Revkin on the Hansen Fiasco

Andrew Revkin of the New York Times writes here in a compacted story. Me versus Jor-El. I spent quite a bit of time saying that the errors mattered a lot at the individual station level and were “significant” for U.S. temperature. For example, consider this page at NASA which shows a comparison between temperatures by […]

Steve interviewed on BBC Radio 4 "Today" programme

The interview is here starting at 17:40 (just move the scrollbar to around 17:30, you don’t have to wait!). The interview is obviously edited, but Steve manages to make some clear points.

CTV News

The 6 pm promo for the 11pm CTV news (a Canadian national network) featured – guess who. You’ll recognize some graphics. The 11pm news is online here (only up to yesterday at present – I’m not sure whether they stream it at 11 pm or whether it’s just an archive.) I’m on at the very […]

von Storch and Zorita blog on the Hockey Stick

At a Nature climate change blog, von Storch and Zorita write: In October 2004 we were lucky to publish in Science our critique of the hockey-stick’ reconstruction of the temperature of the last 1000 years. Now, two and half years later, it may be worth reviewing what has happened since then. The publication in 2004 […]