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Zorita on Sea Level

Eduardo Zorita has an interesting post at Klimazweibel containing a very counter-intuitive analysis on the impact of melting of Arctic ice caps on northern hemisphere sea level. Drawing on Mitrovica et al, Nature 409, 1026 (2001), he observes that ice caps have a gravitational influence on sea level. Should the Greenland ice cap melt, this […]

von Storch and Zorita blog on the Hockey Stick

At a Nature climate change blog, von Storch and Zorita write: In October 2004 we were lucky to publish in Science our critique of the hockey-stick’ reconstruction of the temperature of the last 1000 years. Now, two and half years later, it may be worth reviewing what has happened since then. The publication in 2004 […]

Benchmarking from VZ Pseudoproxies

Von Storch et al 2004 advocated using climate models to generate pseudoproxies to test the properties of proposed multivariate methods. Hardly unreasonable. I might argue that these are long-winded ways of generating proxy series with certain kinds of temporal and spatial covariance structures, but there’s much to be said for testing methods on some standard […]

VZG Statement on NAS Panel

Von Storch, Zorita and Gonzalez-Raucen have issued the following statement on the NAS Panel Report:

Reconciling Zorita

Eduardo Zorita and I are in the process of reconciling some results. We have taken one issue off the table – VZ implemented Mannian PCs accurately enough that this does not account for any differences between our results and theirs. So I take back some observations and I’ll place updates in appropriate places. In fairness […]

Reply to von Storch and Zorita

As I’ve mentioned before, the Von Storch and Zorita Comment was accepted by GRL and will appear soon. Von Storch has been very courteous to us both in public and private and it has been a pleasant exercise replying to their Comment (as opposed to wading through the bile of Ammann and Wahl.) They are […]