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The NAS Panel and Polar Urals

Now that we know the abysmally low replication of the modern portion of Briffa’s Yamal chronology (something previously unknown to specialists), I’ve been backtracking through some earlier documents to see how this may have impacted past studies. We’ve talked previously about how Briffa refused to provide measurement data to D’Arrigo et al 2006, resulting in […]

North and NAS on Bristlecones

BTW, I thought that the Chronicle colloquy was pretty interesting. I don’t usually get to ask people questions directly, so I appreciated that the Chronicle allowed questions through without Gavin Schmidt/realclimate censoring. Now that I think of it, the only other question that I’ve been able to ask a climate scientist directly was to Caspar […]

Rejected Nature Correspondence

Last week, Mann et al published a letter in the Nature Correspondence section saying that it was "hard to imagine how much more explicit" they could have been about the uncertainties and blaming "poor communication by others" for the "subsequent confusion", disucssed here. The Mann et al letter is absurd and Ross and I decided […]

VZG Statement on NAS Panel

Von Storch, Zorita and Gonzalez-Raucen have issued the following statement on the NAS Panel Report:

NAS Panel Report

The early rumors on the NAS Panel was that it was “two handed” -on the one hand,…, on the other hand, … with something for everyone. I’d characterize it more as schizophrenic. It’s got two completely distinct personalities. On the one hand, they pretty much concede that every criticism of MBH is correct. They disown […]

Sir Humphrey and the Boehlert Questions

Yes, Minister was a wonderfully funny British comedy of a generation ago, (some info here and here or google yes minister humphrey) which featured Sir Humphrey Appleby as a senior civil servant (deputy minister) "managing" the Minister, his nominal boss, but who was always outwitted by Sir Humphrey. Each episode would start off with the […]

One observer's report on the NAS panel

I thought this was too good a report to be buried in a comment thread but deserves a wider audience: