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Losing Glacier Data

On February 27, Gerald “winged it” North emailed me (and several other blogs) instructing us not to mention him in our blogs. Hi All, I would appreciate your leaving me out of your blogs. Jerry North If he wanted me to not mention him, a good starting point would be to stop saying stupid things. […]

Gerry North Doesn’t Understand the “Trick”

Gerry North told the Washington post that the NAS panel did exactly the same thing as Phil Jones’ trick. (Dec. 1, 2009) North is talking through his hat. North: We put the tree ring record on the graph and stuck the instrument record on for the last 50 years in exactly the way [Phil] Jones […]

Mann: "Dirty Laundry" from MBH98-99

The Mann et al 1998-99 reconstruction had “steps” (grandiosely called “experiments” by Mann), but the results of the individual steps were never archived, only the splice of 11 steps. For statistical analysis, one needs to have the residuals, which we requested in 2003. Mann refused. At this point in 2003, contrary to North’s allegations, Mann […]

Steig’s “Tutorial”

In his RC post yesterday – also see here – Steig used North et al (1982) as supposed authority for retaining three PCs, a reference unfortunately omitted from the original article. Steig also linked to an earlier RC post on principal components retention, which advocated a completely different “standard approach” to determining which PCs to […]

The Wegman and North Reports for Newbies

In recent discussion of the Weblog 2007 Awards, several commenters at other blogs have argued that our criticisms of the Mannian parlor tricks have been “thoroughly refuted and discarded by climatologists, published in a credible journal”; that “other professionals in the field who also have “looked in great detail at the problem at hand” and […]

Gerry North's Suggested Reading on Climate Models

Obviously the big issue in climate is the impact of 2 times CO2. While my own issues tend to be statistical, this site obviously attracts many readers who want to jump straight to discussion of thermodynamics and theories of atmospheric physics. Articles like G and T obviously inflame such tendencies. For some reason, people who […]

Reply from Cicerone of NAS

On Aug 12, I wrote to Ralph Cicerone, President of NAS, asking him to request unarchived data from various authors relied upon by the NAS Panel as follows: I enjoyed the opportunity to chat with you during the most recent hearings of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. As I have previously written to you, […]

North and NAS on Bristlecones

BTW, I thought that the Chronicle colloquy was pretty interesting. I don’t usually get to ask people questions directly, so I appreciated that the Chronicle allowed questions through without Gavin Schmidt/realclimate censoring. Now that I think of it, the only other question that I’ve been able to ask a climate scientist directly was to Caspar […]

Pat Frank on North's Seminar

Here is Pat Frank’s post on North’s seminar. You should also look at North’s answers in the Chronicle Q&A session yesterday. North has a slide in his presentation entitled “Enter the Amateurs”. If one associates professionalism with care and due diligence, one wonders whether he has placed this particular cue at the right location in […]

Gerry North Presentation on NAS Report

North has a Texas A&M Seminar presentation here (deleted available here) . North is a nice and decent guy but this is a frustrating presentation in a lot of ways. At minute 55 or so, he describes panel operating procedure by saying that they “didn’t do any research”, that they just “took a look at […]