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More Mann Grafting

Jeff Norman draws attention to Figure 1 in a new Mannian tirade, a variation of Mann’s stump speech in which he, as usual, tries to blame his own errors and tricks (the censored directory, verification r2 of 0, upside-down Mann, hide the decline) on right-wing interests.  Amusingly, his new Figure 1 unapologetically splices proxy and […]

Mike’s NYT trick

I’m not sure McIntyre knows what ‘splicing’ is.  To me it means cutting and joining two ends together.  All Mann did was plot instrumental temperatures on the same axes, but he showed the whole record. Dana Nuccitelli There still seems to be a lot of confusion among Mann’s few remaining supporters as to why Phil […]

Black Tuesday of Climate Science

Today I will review the timeline of the above WMO 1999 graph in the light of the ClimateGate (CG) letters. The main events took place on Tuesday, November 16th, 1999. Things start rolling 9 AM (UK time), when Tim Osborn sends  the new Briffa and recalibrated Jones (1998) time series to Phil Jones along with […]

Keith’s Science Trick, Mike’s Nature Trick and Phil’s Combo

In a recent post commenting on Rich Muller’s lecture of March 19, 2011 (here) – of which the Climategate portion is more or less the same as his Oct 14, 2010 lecture (online here), John Cook observes: It’s clear that “Mike’s Nature trick” is quite separate to Keith Briffa’s “hide the decline”. Muller has taken […]

Arthur Smith’s Trick

Look, I’m all in favor of verifying studies and claims. However, when I do this sort of exercise, I try to carefully quote whatever it is that I’m analyzing and to replicate their analysis as best as I can as part of the commentary. I quote extensively and carefully from the original study. In contrast, […]

Desmogging Desmog’s Tricks – Part 2

Desmogging Desmog’s Trick – Part 1

All too often writers like Morgan Goodwin at desmog here or Brian Angliss at S& R here think that tricks are a “good way to solve a problem” (as per Gavin Schmidt at realclimate.) In a recent post, Angliss moves the pea under the thimble, using an IPCC diagram to supposedly rebut a criticism of […]

Heartland Presentation

I’ll post up illustrated speaking notes in a day or two, as well as some comments. May 20 – Annotated version online here. I’ve noticed two incomplete versions online. One version is on Youtube in three parts here. It misses the last few minutes of the talk, but I prefer this version to the version […]

Code: The Trick

load MBHsmooths1.txt % http://www.climateaudit.info/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/mbhsmooths1.txt % MBHsmooths1 = [ Year AnnualRecon Instrumental MB98SmoothTrick MBH98SmoothNoTrick MBH99SmoothTrick MBH99SmoothNoTrick ] [B98,A98]=butter(10,2/50); % ’50 year lowpass’ in98=MBHsmooths1(401:981,2); % Annual Recon MBH98, %source: % http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v430/n6995/extref/FigureData/nhmean.txt , % col 2 Trick=MBHsmooths1(982:996,3); % pad with instrumental (1981..1995) .. % source: % http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v430/n6995/extref/FigureData/nhmean.txt % col 3 out98t=flipud(filter(B98,A98,flipud([filter(B98,A98,[in98;Trick;zeros(100,1)])]))); %..then smooth % Note that filter.m initializes […]

Tricking the Committee

In my submission to the Parliamentary Committee, I observed that the “trick” wasn’t “clever” – it was the deletion of inconvenient data. The IPCC “trick” was not a “clever” mathematical method – it was merely the deletion of inconvenient data after 1960. Post-1960 values were even deleted in the reconstruction archived version at NOAA. I […]