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Mann Misrepresents the UK Commons Committee

Mann’s inclusion of the UK House of Commons Science and Technology Committee (“Commons Committee”) among the investigations that supposedly “investigated” and “exonerated” Mann personally is as invalid as his similar claims regarding the Oxburgh and Muir Russell inquiries or his claim to have won a Nobel prize. The Commons Committee (see report here) did not […]

More SKS in the Mann Pleadings

I am in the process of writing a post showing that Mann’s claim that he had personally been exonerated by the UK House of Commons Science and Technology Committee (report here) of a wide range of counts was also untrue. It’s so untrue that it’s hard to even make an interesting post of it. In […]

Acton “Tricks” the ICO

On Friday, the UK Information Commissioner ruled against my request for (1) the attachments to the Wahl-Briffa email that contained Wahl’s surreptitious changes to the AR4 Report from the language sent to reviewers to language much more favorable to Mann and Wahl; (2) Wahl and Ammann (2004, submitted), cited in the AR4 First Draft, the […]

The UK Government Tricks the SciTech Committee

Bishop Hill reports that the UK government response to the SciTech Committee is now online here. The UK government submission “tricked” (TM- climate science) the SciTech Committee with untrue and/or deceptive assertions that the Muir Russell and Oxburgh reports were carried out ‘independently of Government and Government had no role in informing how these reviews […]

Sci Tech Committee Again

New report from the UK Sci Tech Committee. (I’m traveling – see Bishop Hill for link.) My take is that the Committee was annoyed with the University of East Anglia, being quite critical of the inquiries in the running text, but have decided that there are other more pressing priorities and that it’s time to […]

Trevor Davies on the “Oxburgh Eleven”

Stringer (at about 9.53) observed: A lot of the papers that the controversy was about – the multiproxy papers – were not included. Trevor Davies answered: I will dispute that. Trevor Davies then proceeded to make a lengthy statement that did not, in fact, contradict Stringer’s point that the multiproxy papers in the most controversy […]

Did Jones Delete Emails?

It turns out that Muir Russell didn’t bother asking, since that would have exposed Jones to potential liability.

Link to Muir Russell at SciTech

9.20 am UK time. http://www.parliamentlive.tv/Main/Player.aspx?meetingId=6785 Beddington is also appearing. Too early for me. I guess that I’ll see the replay. Update: Report webpage Muir Russell evidence Oxburgh evidence Report Additional evidence

Who Chose the Eleven? An Answer

The Oxburgh Report stated: The eleven representative publications that the Panel considered in detail are listed in Appendix B. The papers cover a period of more than twenty years and were selected on the advice of the Royal Society. This statement has been questioned ever since the publication of the Oxburgh Report. That the Royal […]

Climategate Inquiries

Andrew Montford’s review of the Climategate Inquiries is released today and is online here. Ross McKitrick’s is online here.