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Was Lawson Right about the UK Floods?

In February 2014, Nigel Lawson and Brian Hoskins (Chair of the Grantham Institute for Climate Change) appeared on the BBC’s Today show to answer whether there was “a link between the rain in recent days and global warming”. Lawson, an experienced man of affairs though not a “climate scientist”, briefed himself on the matter and […]

Brian Hoskins and the Times Atlas

Brian Hoskins was one of the first people that Fiona Fox went to for a testimonial to the supposed rigor of the execrable Oxburgh inquiry. Hoskins, presently Bob Ward’s supervisor at the Grantham Institute, shamelessly called the Oxburgh inquiry “thorough and fair”. Although no one has yet pointed this out (partly because of efforts to […]

New Info on the Oxburgh Panel

Some interesting new information on the formation of the Oxburgh Panel has come as a result of Andrew Montford continuing to appeal and dig. See here and here. The formation of the Oxburgh Panel seems to have been a somewhat hurried response to a dismal press conference on Feb 4, with Alan Thorpe of NERC […]

Who Chose the Eleven? An Answer

The Oxburgh Report stated: The eleven representative publications that the Panel considered in detail are listed in Appendix B. The papers cover a period of more than twenty years and were selected on the advice of the Royal Society. This statement has been questioned ever since the publication of the Oxburgh Report. That the Royal […]

Who Made the List?

The Oxburgh report stated that the eleven papers listed in their bibliography had been “selected on the advice of the Royal Society”. This assertion was immediately criticized at Andrew Montford’s and here. The Oxburgh Report’s claim that the papers had been selected “on the advice of the Royal Society” can be said with almost total […]

New Light on Acton’s Trick

The Guardian’s story on Oxburgh’s testimony (James Randerson here) is headlined: Oxburgh: UEA vice-chancellor was wrong to tell MPs he would investigate climate research and sub-headlined: Edward Acton gave ‘inaccurate’ information to MPs by telling them the university would reassess key scientific papers following the UEA climate emails controversy. And indeed, this is one of […]

Oxburgh: “It’s Just Not Fair”

It’s hard to restrain snark when considering an email like the following: Oxburgh – “We all understood how and why this happened”. OK, then wouldn’t it have been worthwhile reporting how and why this happened? Isn’t that would inquiries are supposed to do? Oxburgh: “it’s just not fair to blame this on CRU!” Boo hoo. […]

British Due Diligence – Royal Society Style

The Oxburgh “report” said that the eleven “representative” publications that it reviewed had been “selected on the advice of the Royal Society”. The eleven articles were so implausible a representation that it seemed scarcely credible that they could have been selected by any person with any expertise in the field. I asked the Royal Society […]

Beddington and the Oxburgh Inquiry

The UK government has provided an incomplete response to Andrew Montford’s FOI request for copies of “correspondence or documentation” related to “the appointment of the [Oxburgh} panel or its deliberations”. However, even the incomplete information so far shows that UK government Chief Scientist John Beddington played a critical role. In addition, it contains the remarkable […]