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Brian Hoskins and the Times Atlas

Brian Hoskins was one of the first people that Fiona Fox went to for a testimonial to the supposed rigor of the execrable Oxburgh inquiry. Hoskins, presently Bob Ward’s supervisor at the Grantham Institute, shamelessly called the Oxburgh inquiry “thorough and fair”. Although no one has yet pointed this out (partly because of efforts to […]

The Times Atlas and “Y2K”

In the last couple of days, there has been much to-do in glacier world about an error in the Times Atlas on Greenland glaciers. See for example here here here. Unlike the authors of 1000-year temperature reconstructions, glaciologists seem to be concerned about things like using data upside down. As of today, the Times Atlas […]

Overpeck’s Enigmatic Tuq(?)

In fairness to Kaufman, he and his students actually did useful field work. Elsewhere I’ve noted that their MSc theses contain many helpful details on the Alaskan lakes. The situation is entirely different with the Greenland lakes, where Jonathan Overpeck was the point man for the ARCUS2k lake project collection. Kaufman et al 2009 contains […]

Juckes and the West Greenland Stack

Last fall, I discussed information sources on West Greenland ice core series, noting that the West Greenland version attributed by Juckes to Jones et al 1998 was a version that I’d not seen before. While I was looking at the proxy decisions in Juckes et al, I noticed the following intriguing rationalization: The Greenland stack […]


Here’s an example of how one can wander off curious little by-ways in trying to replicate Hockey Team materials. I’m working on the seemingly simple task of testing the correlations to gridcell temperature in Osborn and Briffa 2006. One of the series – a "quiet" series – is Fisher’s "West Greenland dO18 Stack". Also with […]

Pliocene #1: North Greenland

In most "long" presentations of climate change in the IPCC framework, we see Vostok ice core going back to about 800 Kyr, covering most of the Pleistocene. What easily gets lost sight of in this format is just how unusual the Pleistocene itself is. It is one of only a few glaciations in the entire […]