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Wigley and Kelly 1990

As noted before, IPCC 1995 (SAR) arrived at the following important new conclusion based only on Wigley and Kelly 1990, as stated in the Chapter 3 Executive Summary: Based on the incomplete observations and paleoclimatic evidence available, it seems unlikely that global mean temperatures have increased by 1 deg C or more in a century […]

Geological Perspective #2

Bring the discussion of a couple of days ago further forward, here is a very interesting graphic from Ravelo and Ward [2004] showing the transition from Pliocene to the Pleistocene (read R to L), which gives a somewhat different perspective on the Pleistocene than just looking at the Vostok core back to 800K (although that’s […]

Climate: Geological Views #1

I gave a speech last week at my tennis/squash club on climate change (which presents speeches from time to time). I included some geological concepts that I don’t usually have an opportunity to talk about. The class of scientist who tend to be most unimpressed with IPCC-type climate science are geologists – which is where […]

Pliocene #1: North Greenland

In most "long" presentations of climate change in the IPCC framework, we see Vostok ice core going back to about 800 Kyr, covering most of the Pleistocene. What easily gets lost sight of in this format is just how unusual the Pleistocene itself is. It is one of only a few glaciations in the entire […]