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More Tropical Troposphere: UAH versus NOAA

I recently showed a couple of breakpoint comparisons for satellite data: RSS versus NOAA and RSS versus UAH. Today, I’ll show a similar comparison for UAH versus NOAA, again stratifying by Land, Ocean and All. (Unfortunately, I was unable to extract a satellite comparison for other major food group: the CRU_TAR (airport tarmac). Again, the […]

RSS versus UAH: Battles over Tropical Land and Ocean

Until I recently examined the underlying technical literature on the construction of the UAH and RSS satellite data sets, I had little appreciation of the complicated adjustment and estimation procedure involved in the satellite temperature indices. The UAH and RSS satellite temperature indices are constructed from many different satellites (TIROS-N, NOAA-6,7,8,9,10,11,12,14,…), each of which has […]

June 2009 and the Big Red Spot

NOAA is first of the three main indices to be off the mark with June 2009 at 0.617 deg C, bouncing off the relatively low values of 2008. Given that the data is essentially common to HadISST, this is unsurprising. The difference between RSS and NOAA/HadCRU values is interesting in terms of the Big Red […]

HadISST- June 2009 Values

Lucia reported on HadSST June 2009 values, which are out quickly and are surprisingly high given seemingly low RSS values. Lucia: it looks like the HadSST’s temperature anomalies may finally break their all time high temperature anomalies. The June anomaly of 0.50 C is a big jump up from 0.355C for May: The preliminary June […]

Tropical Troposphere – March 2009

Lucia, Anthony, Roy Spencer and David Stockwell (my, there’s a growing list of analytical blogs) have already posted on March 2009 temperatures and trends. While I’m not first off the mark on this, I’ll be the first to post tropical trends – something that I do from time to time. (This requires a little bit […]

Steig Mystery (almost) Solved!

Thanks to some insight from Ryan O (#43), we have been able to make progress on the puzzle of where the values in the Steig paper came from. In fact, it now is quite apparent that Steig et al used the reconstructions based on the AVHHR satellite data rather than the ones based on the […]

2008 Tropical Temperatures

The blog world is jump starting discussion of 2008 annual temperatures. Yesterday at 1:56 pm Eastern, NASA employee Gavin Schmidt and climate modeler, purely in his “private” capacity, posted an article arguing that the results were consistent with climate models – an activity that lesser minds might think relates to his employment. Lucia commented here, […]

This Gets Even More Amusing

Can anyone on the Team actually hit a target? A couple of days ago, I reported that Santer’s own method yielded failed t-tests on UAH when data up to 2008 (or even 2007) was used. I also reported that their SI (carried out in 2008) included a sensitivity test on their H1 hypothesis up to […]

The Santer "S.D."

Lucia has written an interesting post – see here, continuing the effort to figure out the Santer brainteaser. I can shed a little more light (I think) on what Santer’s “S.D” is in operational terms. I was able to replicate Santer’s Table III values using the line item from Table 1 entitled “Inter-model_S.D._T2LT” which is […]

Does the Endpoint of Santer H2 "Matter"?

Yes. Perhaps the first thing that I noticed about this article was the endpoint for analysis of 1999 – this seemed very odd. I mentioned that a Santer coauthor wrote to me, saying that the endpoint didn’t matter relative to the Douglass endpoint of 2004. That turns out to be true, but why would anyone […]