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Briffa on another Mann Hockey Stick

Like many other people, I’m gradually digesting the CRU letters. Obviously I’m going to comment on them but I’m going to start a little slowly. Here’s one that’s a little fun,

June 2009 and the Big Red Spot

NOAA is first of the three main indices to be off the mark with June 2009 at 0.617 deg C, bouncing off the relatively low values of 2008. Given that the data is essentially common to HadISST, this is unsurprising. The difference between RSS and NOAA/HadCRU values is interesting in terms of the Big Red […]

Gavin and the Big Red Dog

A few posts ago, I used the term “‘fingerprint’” (in quotations) in connection with the big red spot that one commonly sees in the upper tropical troposphere in contour plots of projected temperature trends by latitude. On an earlier occasion, we’d talked about Ross McKitrick’s “T3” ( here.)