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March 2008 Radiosonde Data

Relatively up-to-date radiosonde data is available from the Hadley Center, tropical (20N-20S) is here. Ratpac and Angell are not up to date. The tropical troposphere has been a source of disputes recently, but I haven’t seen any discussion of up-to-date radiosonde data, [Note: Luboš has a current discussion on radiosondes.) You will recall the diagram […]

Leopold in the Sky with Diamonds

Radiosonde trends are back in the news. A few days ago, on May 24, 2008, Realclimate reviewed three recent papers: Lanzante and Free (J Clim 2008), Haimberger et al (J Clim 2008) and Sherwood et al 2008, adding a note with the even more recent Allen and Sherwood (2008.) Peter Thorne of Hadley Center stated […]

Why does CRU have a confidentiality agreement with Germany?

Today we ponder why many National Meteorological Services (NMSs), including the NMS of Germany, have provided data to CRU under confidentiality agreements which supposedly prevent Phil Jones from disclosing the identity of these stations.

Another R-Script for a Zip File (NOAA)

I’m posting up another script for unzipping a file in R (in part so that I can keep track of this things as well.) I’m trying to figure out how to download the Australian data in R and reviewing some prior successful efforts (which have relied on Nicholas). Here is how one can get at […]

HadCRU3, GHCN and China

A couple of days ago, I reported on the comparison of Jones et al 1990 data to the TR055 data archived at NCDC, noting that the data was the same for all but one series. I’ve now been comparing the TR055 versions to GHCN v2 and HadCRU3 and noticing some puzzling aspects to both GHCNv2 […]

Buckets and Engines

Here is a remarkable graphic from a new publication, Kent et al 2007, showing the distribution of SST measurements between buckets and engine inlets from 1970 on. I think that this evidence has great significance for the Folland and Parker SST adjustment, which is one of the most fundamental Team adjustments. I’ll discuss this more […]


There is an enormous online archive of SST measurements, which would be well worth someone looking at, to get a feel for what the raw data looks like.

Something Fun from Sinan Unur

OK, so I got interested in decoding the binary data sets at as well. Wrote some Perl to slice and dice the data set into various series. I now have fully 1.6Gb less free hard drive space and I cannot figure out where my Sunday went 🙂 I’ll tidy up the various scripts and […]

Some Gridcell and Station Utilities

I’ve posted up a collection of functions to read from various gridcell and station archives into organized time series objects here. Read functions are included for HadCRUT3, HAdCRUT2, GISS gridded, GHCN v2, GISS station, GSN,, unaami and G02141. I’ll probably add to this from time to time now that I’ve figured out an organization […]

HadCru Temperature

IPCC AR4 is going to report that the difference between present temperature and late 19th temperatures is about 0.8 deg C, as opposed to the 0.6 deg C in TAR. This difference seemed a little higher to me than temperature changes from 2000 to 2005 (the last reported years in the respective reports) and I […]