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Phil Jones and the China Network: Part 3

Part 1 Part 2 In today’s post, I’ll follow the affair through Keenan’s complaint to SUNY, which is documented in the Climategate emails and at Keenan’s website.

Phil Jones and the China Network: Part 2

Part 1 here. As a point of clarification, “station histories” in this post means the meta-data history i.e. locations and moves and are distinct from the “station data” in the form of the monthly averages. In January 2007, the results of IPCC AR4 were announced. It re-iterated Jones et al 1990 as authority for the […]

Phil Jones and the China Network: Part 1

Muir Russell told the Sci Tech Committee that the Muir Russell panel “fully investigated” the allegations about the Chinese network of Jones et al 1990. This was totally untrue. Not only did Muir Russell panel fail to “fully” investigate, as was the case on too many other issues, Muir Russell didn’t investigate at all. In […]

Did Jones et al 1990 “fabricate” its quality control claims?

Did Jones et al 1990 “fabricate” its quality control claims? This hard-hitting question is asked by Doug Keenan here. He cites the following claims from Jones et al 1990 and Wang et al: The stations were selected on the basis of station history: we chose those with few, if any, changes in instrumentation, location or […]

Low Head and the Gnomes of Norwich

Low Head is not a manouevre at a Hollywood party or a physical description of the gnomes of Norwich (the location of CRU), but a lighthouse in Tasmania, which John Daly photographed and brought to the attention of Neil Plummer, who had used it in Jones et al 1990. Plummer wrote back to Daly that […]

Phil Jones and Australian Billabongs

We’ve talked about Phil Jones’ Russian and Chinese sites, where we’ve just scratched the surface so far. Warwick Hughes took a first crack at some years ago, but was unsuccessful in identifying the Jones sites. Jones, never making things easy, did not provide the names of any of the Australian sites, nor the WMO identification […]

FOI: The “Final” Answer on Jones et al 1990

I wrote again on Apr 17, 2007 on my FOI request observing that part (B) of my FOI request had not been answered: the identification of the stations used as comparanda in the calculations of Jones et al 1990. Thank you for your courtesy and attention in this matter, which has successfully resolved part (A) […]

Gridcell 42N, 112E Huhehaote

Here’s another strange CRU gridcell in which warm early values of Huhehaote aren’t used.

HadCRU3, GHCN and China

A couple of days ago, I reported on the comparison of Jones et al 1990 data to the TR055 data archived at NCDC, noting that the data was the same for all but one series. I’ve now been comparing the TR055 versions to GHCN v2 and HadCRU3 and noticing some puzzling aspects to both GHCNv2 […]

Jones et al 1990, TR055 and GHCN

I have collated the Jones et al 1990 temperature data against annual average data from the TR055 data set, reviewing all 84 plots in the format shown below. Here is a plot for Shanghai. The Jones et al 1990 version was plotted first in black and the annual average from TR055 secondly in red. If […]