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Phil Jones and the China Network: Part 3

Part 1 Part 2 In today’s post, I’ll follow the affair through Keenan’s complaint to SUNY, which is documented in the Climategate emails and at Keenan’s website.

Phil Jones and the China Network: Part 2

Part 1 here. As a point of clarification, “station histories” in this post means the meta-data history i.e. locations and moves and are distinct from the “station data” in the form of the monthly averages. In January 2007, the results of IPCC AR4 were announced. It re-iterated Jones et al 1990 as authority for the […]

Five Monsoon O18 Series

Jud Partin observed yesterday that a “fantastic new record” had been recently (early Nov 2008) published from Wanxiang, China. Zhang et al report that their new record is “broadly similar” to the reconstructions of Esper, Mann and Jones 2003 and Moberg as follows: The Wanxiang record, with a d18O range of ~1.3 per mil (‰) […]

Gridcell 42N, 112E Huhehaote

Here’s another strange CRU gridcell in which warm early values of Huhehaote aren’t used.

CRU and Gridcell 27.5N 117.5E

Yesterday, we had two curiosities from comparing GHCN data to HadCRU3 data – the apparent inconsistency between the HadCRU3 version in some gridcells e.g. 27.5N 117.5E and the apparent termination of much GHCN station data in 1990. Accordingly I collected all stations in the GHCN v2 data base from this gridcell and compared them with, […]

HadCRU3, GHCN and China

A couple of days ago, I reported on the comparison of Jones et al 1990 data to the TR055 data archived at NCDC, noting that the data was the same for all but one series. I’ve now been comparing the TR055 versions to GHCN v2 and HadCRU3 and noticing some puzzling aspects to both GHCNv2 […]

Jones et al 1990, TR055 and GHCN

I have collated the Jones et al 1990 temperature data against annual average data from the TR055 data set, reviewing all 84 plots in the format shown below. Here is a plot for Shanghai. The Jones et al 1990 version was plotted first in black and the annual average from TR055 secondly in red. If […]

Some China Comparisons

Here are a few plots of Jones et al 1990 China urban vs rural sites. Maybe one of our more computer-oriented people could make a little applet to yield 42 comparisons from the small data set which is now collated. For now, here are some very quick and non-prettied up comparisons. I started with a […]

Freedom of Information – Jones et al 1990

I’ve reported here on my progress with UEA in obtaining identification of the sites used in Jones et al 1990, a study of the urban heat island effect. [Update – the Jones et al data was posted up here. ] I initially inquired a couple of years ago as I mentioned here. I sent an […]

Jones and the Great Leap Forward #2

I discussed the China network in Jones et al 1990 which is still cited as key evidence against UHI having a material effect on temperature estimates (even in IPCC 4AR). Shortly after Jones et al was published, Wang et al. 1990 ( W-C Wang, Z, Zeng and T. Karl, Urban Heat Islands in China, 1990. […]