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New Light on UHI

The “inquiries” into CRU, as is well known, did not examine CRU’s “science”. One of CRU’s main “contributions” is the “proof” by Jones et al 1990 that the development of urban heat islands contributed no more than ~0.05 deg C to measured 20th century land temperatures. This proof is an integral component in justifying CRUTEM […]

Freedom of Information – Jones et al 1990

I’ve reported here on my progress with UEA in obtaining identification of the sites used in Jones et al 1990, a study of the urban heat island effect. [Update – the Jones et al data was posted up here. ] I initially inquired a couple of years ago as I mentioned here. I sent an […]

Jones and the Great Leap Forward #2

I discussed the China network in Jones et al 1990 which is still cited as key evidence against UHI having a material effect on temperature estimates (even in IPCC 4AR). Shortly after Jones et al was published, Wang et al. 1990 ( W-C Wang, Z, Zeng and T. Karl, Urban Heat Islands in China, 1990. […]

Phil Jones and the Great Leap Forward

The other key network in the seminal Jones et al 1990 on urbanization (relied upon in AR4) is their Chinese network. The idea that China between 1954 and 1983 – the age of Chairman Mao and the Great Leap Forward – could have achieved consistency in temperature measurement that eluded the U.S. observing system (with […]