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realclimate and Disinformation on UHI

In a recent CNN interview discussed at RC here, Joe D’Aleo said: Those global data sets are contaminated by the fact that two-thirds of the globe’s stations dropped out in 1990. Most of them rural and they performed no urban adjustment. And, Lou, you know, and the people in your studio know that if they […]

Climate scientists should think about data quality more often, says Jones

After unveiling the Hadley Center adjustment error that has been used in all temperature compilations for the past 20 years, Phil Jones stated: Climate scientists should think about data quality more often, says Jones, so that there is no opportunity for incorrect data to sow seeds of doubt in people’s minds about the reality of […]

Did Jones et al 1990 “fabricate” its quality control claims?

Did Jones et al 1990 “fabricate” its quality control claims? This hard-hitting question is asked by Doug Keenan here. He cites the following claims from Jones et al 1990 and Wang et al: The stations were selected on the basis of station history: we chose those with few, if any, changes in instrumentation, location or […]

More Phil Jones Correspondence

CA reader Geoff Sherrington, an Australian scientist, sends the following email exchange with Phil Jones in early 2006 (original post here). Geoff observes: there is a reluctance to answer direct questions with direct answers and a lot of red herrings thrown in. Readers can deduce what they like from the exchange, where Phil says he […]

Queensland in Jones et al 1990

A couple of interesting references and comments on the Cardwell site were sine int. Let’s focus on Cardwell and its neighbours a little.

Some Australian Station Plots

Yesterday, in a spot check, we observed that Torok and Nicholls had acknowledged a substantial inhomogeneity in the Low Head lighthouse series, used in Jones et al 1990. Given this problem in one of the 49 series, this begs the question of what the other 48 series look like. Here are quite a few plots […]

Low Head and the Gnomes of Norwich

Low Head is not a manouevre at a Hollywood party or a physical description of the gnomes of Norwich (the location of CRU), but a lighthouse in Tasmania, which John Daly photographed and brought to the attention of Neil Plummer, who had used it in Jones et al 1990. Plummer wrote back to Daly that […]

The Maatsuyker Exclusion

Jones said that the names of the Australian sites was unknown. However it turned out that the names of these locations are known to mankind and, with a little effort, that the names of these sites could be tracked down from an Australian reference list through the CSIRO reference numbers at the Jones site. My […]

Phil Jones and Australian Billabongs

We’ve talked about Phil Jones’ Russian and Chinese sites, where we’ve just scratched the surface so far. Warwick Hughes took a first crack at some years ago, but was unsuccessful in identifying the Jones sites. Jones, never making things easy, did not provide the names of any of the Australian sites, nor the WMO identification […]

Measuring Precipitation on Willis' Boots

Willis writes in with latest FOI refusal from CRU, saying that they are unable to provide a list of the sites used in HadCRU3.