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realclimate and Disinformation on UHI

In a recent CNN interview discussed at RC here, Joe D’Aleo said: Those global data sets are contaminated by the fact that two-thirds of the globe’s stations dropped out in 1990. Most of them rural and they performed no urban adjustment. And, Lou, you know, and the people in your studio know that if they […]

Responses from Parker

CA reader and contributor Neal J. King got a bevy of questions answered related to the June 14th posting of Parker 2006: An Urban Myth? and they are posted here in order. Thanks to Neal and Dr. Parker for making this available to all for reading and consideration. – Anthony Questions to Parker, Part 1: […]

Parker and Fresno Airport

Fresno Airport is one of the sites in the Parker 2006 network that is used to argue that there is a negligible UHI component in temperature increases in the major indexes. Here is a picture of this rustic location (which is still on the surfacestations.org to do list): Parker has a figure showing results for […]

Godowitch et al 1985 on Urban Boundary Layers

Today I want to talk about a terrific 1985 article Godowitch et al,, 1985. Evolution of the Nocturnal Inversion Layer at an urban and nonurban location, J Clim Appl Met 791 ff available online here, which helps put some of the UHI discussions in a more complete perspective. Instead of just considering UHI from a […]

Parker 2006: An Urban Myth?

If you are not a climate scientist (or a realclimate reader), you would almost certainly believe, from your own experience, that cities are warmer than the surrounding countryside – the “urban heat island”. From that, it’s easy to conclude that as cities become bigger and as towns become cities and villages become towns, that there […]