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Evasions and Fantasy at Real Climate

Several readers have asked me to respond to recent comments about me at Real Climate: briefly, Osborn has made one misrepresentation after another and made statements with seemingly complete indifference as to whether he has any basis for making the claims. In respect to Schmidt’s whinge, as Lucia sagely observed a couple of years ago […]

realclimate and Disinformation on UHI

In a recent CNN interview discussed at RC here, Joe D’Aleo said: Those global data sets are contaminated by the fact that two-thirds of the globe’s stations dropped out in 1990. Most of them rural and they performed no urban adjustment. And, Lou, you know, and the people in your studio know that if they […]

The Doctrine of RC Infallibility

Over Christmas, I thought good thoughts. It is disappointing to be dragged back to reality by another stunt at realclimate. Pierrehumbert made a number of very strong allegations about the integrity of the Courtillot et al analysis, and, in particular, contested whether Courtillot had even used Phil Jones data in their analysis. Pierrehumbert said: there […]

The Comedy of the Chevaliers: a French Farce

An amusing farce with French protagonists is currently playing at realclimate here. The main protagonist is Raymond Pierrehumbert, the second line of whose CV proclaims that he is a Chevalier of some sort, a term which I will adopt in this post. He mocks another set of French authors, whom he labels as being Chevaliers […]

Is Gavin Schmidt Honest?

I attempted to post the enclosed post at realclimate yesterday, which was rejected. The post was to a topic, where McKitrick and I were directly criticized, and limited to scientific matters.