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Co-Opting the US Department of Energy

Maxim Lott of Fox News has an interesting article drawing attention to the co-opting of US Department of Energy funders by CRU and their associates – co-opting in the sense that the US Department of Energy totally failed to ensure that their grant procedures complied with US federal policy for requiring grantees to archive data. […]

More Phil Jones Correspondence

CA reader Geoff Sherrington, an Australian scientist, sends the following email exchange with Phil Jones in early 2006 (original post here). Geoff observes: there is a reluctance to answer direct questions with direct answers and a lot of red herrings thrown in. Readers can deduce what they like from the exchange, where Phil says he […]

Jones and the Russian UHI

A couple of years ago, before I got involved in proxy studies, I was interested in the UHI question and wrote to Phil Jones to request the data used in Jones et al 1990, his study purporting to show the unimportance of urban warming. Jones said that it was on a diskette somewhere and too […]

Juckes and the Esper and Jones CVMs

The Euro Hockey Team (EHT) present a variety of results using CVM methods on proxies from 5 canonical Team studies: Jones Briffa 1998; MBH99; Esper 2002; Moberg 2005 and Hegerl 2006. CVM (take the average of scaled proxies and re-scale the average to match the instrumental record) seems to me to be a less dangerous […]

IPCC 1995 [SAR] – An Extended Excerpt

Continuing my industrious typing from old IPCC reports, here is an extended excerpt from IPCC 1995 (SAR) dealing with climate change and variability. If you recall from IPCC 1990, it left an important oustanding question as to the impossibility of attributing the portion of present warming that it is due to human influences, when the […]