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Phil Jones and the China Network: Part 3

Part 1 Part 2 In today’s post, I’ll follow the affair through Keenan’s complaint to SUNY, which is documented in the Climategate emails and at Keenan’s website.

Phil Jones and the China Network: Part 2

Part 1 here. As a point of clarification, “station histories” in this post means the meta-data history i.e. locations and moves and are distinct from the “station data” in the form of the monthly averages. In January 2007, the results of IPCC AR4 were announced. It re-iterated Jones et al 1990 as authority for the […]

Did Jones et al 1990 “fabricate” its quality control claims?

Did Jones et al 1990 “fabricate” its quality control claims? This hard-hitting question is asked by Doug Keenan here. He cites the following claims from Jones et al 1990 and Wang et al: The stations were selected on the basis of station history: we chose those with few, if any, changes in instrumentation, location or […]

Keenan’s Comment on Chuine

Douglas Keenan has published an excellent comment on his attempt to replicate the prominent study by Chuine et al [Nature 2004] of harvest dates in Burgundy. The article being criticized is all too typical of a climate article in Nature – lurid headlines, lamentable statistics, ineffective peer review and obstructive authors. It’s really nice to […]