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Reading HadCRUT3 Data

A reader inquired about downloading HAdCRUT3 data. I’ve posted up a recipe here .  You will have to download the *.nc version – see the url in the script details and also install the ncdf package in R. I have not worked much with NetCDF formats, but it seems to be pretty easy to […]

Southern Ocean Temperature Trends

I pointed out a few posts ago that Antarctic temperatures had been declining during the period of satellite measurement.’ IPCC 4AR Second Draft says that “recent warming is strongly evident at all latitudes in SSTs over each of the oceans“.’ “Strongly” seems to be a new favorite word – think of all the times that […]

Antarctic Update

We hear lots about polar amplification.  Mears and Wentz recently updated their TMT (mid-troposphere) data for 60-70S, but didn’t update the more controversial TLT3 (lower-troposphere) data, which is current only to August 2006.  Given the pending IPCC 4AR, you’d think that Mears and Wentz would be completely up-to-date with their lower troposphere results. Is there […]

Mears and Wentz: Polar Amplification Calamity

New Mears and Wentz data plotted up here shows the full impact of the looming polar amplification calamity in Antarctica. Data was downloaded from their FTP site here .

New Satellite Data

Get ready for a new round of satellite disputes. Spencer and Christy have version 6.0 out in draft form as of Sept 9, 2006. Here’s a plot of the data from the website . The SH result is particularly intriguing – now showing virtually no change. In the recent U.S. CCSP report, as pointed out […]

Warwick Hughes on SST Trends

Warwick Hughes has an interesting post here on SST trends.


Here’s an example of how one can wander off curious little by-ways in trying to replicate Hockey Team materials. I’m working on the seemingly simple task of testing the correlations to gridcell temperature in Osborn and Briffa 2006. One of the series – a "quiet" series – is Fisher’s "West Greenland dO18 Stack". Also with […]

A Transect of Gridcell Plots at 7.5 S

I think that there is too much preoccupation in the analysis of NH urban gridcells. As an exercise, I plotted the ACFs and gridcells for a transect at 7.5S from 177.5W to 177.5E. The presentation here is not very pretty but I think that the graphs are interesting taken as a whole. I draw no […]

Crutem and HadCRU

I’ve been knuckling down to finishing off an article on the multiproxy study, Jones et al [1998], used in all the spaghetti diagrams. This is not robust to the Polar Urals reconstruction and a discussion of the Polar Urals site has taken on a life of its own. Many of the topics are familiar from […]

Downloading CRU Data

I’ve just updated my HADCRU2 dataset and, for good measure, also the current edition of CRUTEM2. I’ve updated my scripts and, for those brave souls that want their very own copy of HADCRU2 or CRUTEM2 in R format, I’ve posted up scripts to make R tables organized like time series usually are, with each column […]