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A new HadSST3 version has been recently published. It starts the process of unwinding Folland’s erroneous Pearl Harbour bucket adjustment, an adjustment that has been embedded in HadSST for nearly 20 years.

ICOADS – Hawaii

Although the formatting of the SST datasets needs to be completely freshened up, once again, before commenting, I commend the SST collaters for honoring their data by ensuring the preservation of comprehensive metadata – as opposed to their cousins at CRU and GISS. Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be any statistical analyses of SST measurements […]

A First Look at ICOADS

For quite a while, I’ve urged people interested in gridded temperatures to really look at the SST data – realdata not adjusted data. SST makes up 2/3 of the record, but temperature critics spend 99.99% of their time on land data. In part, it’s because the data sets are much larger, but increased power of […]

Tar and Z

Over the weekend (before I picked up my “regular” files), I started looking at Steve Mosher’s use of raster and zoo – both of which intrigue me a great deal, but got intrigued by something else and ended up finally figuring out how to extract .Z files within an R script without having to handle […]

Indiana Jones and the Hollerith Punch Cards

I’ve been foraging through ICOADS SST data for the past week and have a number of posts in progress. Here’s a diagram that I’m planning to do several comments on. It shows information on the provenance of ICOADS data between 1850, the start of the HadCRU SST record, and the present. It is very obvious […]


There is an enormous online archive of SST measurements, which would be well worth someone looking at, to get a feel for what the raw data looks like.