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Using Santer’s Method

Using Santer’s own methodology with up-to-date observations, here are results comparing observations to the ensemble mean of Chad’s collation of 57 A1B to models to 2009. In each case, the d1* calculated Santer-style has moved into very extreme percentiles. The results from Ross’ more advanced methodology are not getting results that are in any sense […]

FOI Myth #1: USA

Climate scientists have recently been promoting the myth that providing data in response to FOI requests was interfering with their work. Nature uncritically accepted this myth in a recent editorial calling for action to protect climate-change researchers from “endless time-consuming demands for information under the US and UK Freedom of Information Acts.”: If there are […]

Santer et al 2008 – Worse Than We Thought

Last year, I reported the invalidity using up-to-date data of Santer’s claim that none of the satellite data sets showed a “statistically significant” difference in trend from the model ensemble, after allowing for the effect of AR1 autocorrelation on confidence intervals. Including up-to-date data, the claim was untrue for UAH data sets and was on […]

Santer and the "Power of Poop"

Rather than spending time archiving information from his various publications, Santer has placed his scientific priorities on introducing a remarkable cartoon (Youtube here), which ends (see 7 minutes on) with a ditty urging its audience to “do something about the power of poop”. The video ends with a close-up of a large odiferous dropping, with […]

Mannian Collation by Santer

I reported a while ago on Santer’s refusal to provide the T2 and T2LT data as collated. Despite Santer’s rude refusal, PCMDI placed the data online anyway, notifying me that this had been their plan along. I reported on this at the time, but so far haven’t reported on the collated data. The T2 and […]

Regular and "Special Decisions"

A couple of months ago, as I mentioned at the time, Ross and I submitted a paper to International Journal of Climatology discussing Santer, Schmidt et al versus Douglass et al. I just checked the status of the submission at the journal website and learned that the submission is subject to a “Special Decision”. We […]

Santer's Boss Seeks to "Clarify Mis-Impressions"

David Bader, PhD, the Director, Program for Climate Model Diagnosis and Intercomparison, writes today seeking to “clarify several mis-impressions on your “” web site” regarding the archiving of Santer’s data, the correspondence being shown below. Readers may recall an earlier post here in which I requested data from Santer et al 2008, in response to […]

Submitted Article on Tropical Troposphere Trends

Yesterday Ross and I submitted an article to IJC with the following abstract: A debate exists over whether tropical troposphere temperature trends in climate models are inconsistent with observations (Karl et al. 2006, IPCC (2007), Douglass et al 2007, Santer et al 2008). Most recently, Santer et al (2008, herein S08) asserted that the Douglass […]

Glenn McGregor: Data Archiving not required by the International Journal of Climatology

After nearly 2 months and several inquiries, the editor of the International Journal of Climatology has finally said that they do not require authors to provide supporting data. Given that funding agencies rely on academic journals to ensure that authors archive data (improperly abdicating their own responsibilities), the moral of this should be that the […]

Downloading KNMI Model Data

Lucia has been experimenting with model data downloaded from KNMI and I thought that I’d try to experiment with this a little from time to time. Unlike Benjamin Santer, Ph.D. of the U.S. federal Lawrence Livermore Labs, who refused to provide any assistance whatever in providing the data used in Santer et al, Geert Oldenburgh, […]