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A “Good” Proxy on the Antarctic Peninsula?

Nearly all of the text of this article on an interesting ice core proxy series (James Ross Island) from the Antarctic Peninsula was written in June 2014, but not finished at the time for reasons that I don’t recall.  This proxy was one of 16 proxy series in the Kaufman 12K pdf. 60-90S reconstruction. I […]

Kinnard Arctic O18 Series

Kinnard et al 2011 report a highly hockey-stick shaped reconstruction of sea ice. (For a different perspective based on Holocene ocean sediments under the Ellesmere Island ice shelf, see the recent Antoniades et al (PNAS 2011). Kinnard et al use a regression-based statistical methodology that looks at first blush to be a sort of inverse […]

Juckes and the West Greenland Stack

Last fall, I discussed information sources on West Greenland ice core series, noting that the West Greenland version attributed by Juckes to Jones et al 1998 was a version that I’d not seen before. While I was looking at the proxy decisions in Juckes et al, I noticed the following intriguing rationalization: The Greenland stack […]