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More Disinformation from New Scientist about Climategate

New Scientist has used the occasion of CRU’s release of CRUTEM station data in response to the ICO’s rejection of CRU excuses to disseminate further disinformation about the Climategate dossier. Anyone can now view for themselves the raw data that was at the centre of last year’s “climategate” scandal. The Climategate dossier is about the […]

Who Chose the Eleven? An Answer

The Oxburgh Report stated: The eleven representative publications that the Panel considered in detail are listed in Appendix B. The papers cover a period of more than twenty years and were selected on the advice of the Royal Society. This statement has been questioned ever since the publication of the Oxburgh Report. That the Royal […]

Trevor Davies at the Guardian Panel

Sitting on the dais at the Guardian panel, it seemed to me that the most remarkable moment came when the audience laughed out loud at Trevor Davies about Muir Russell.

Cartoons by Josh: The Three Stooges

Bishop Hill has cheered up readers with Josh’s cartoons. Josh has started a blog as an album of his climate cartoons here. Here is his most recent entitled The Three Stooges – two lords and an aspiring lord (now merely a sir) – Muir Russell, Oxburgh and Acton.

Muir Russell Skipped Jones’ Interviews

If website documents are accurate (and they are supposed to be comprehensive), Muir Russell did not meet with Jones, Briffa or Osborn on any occasion subsequent to the press conference on Feb 11, 2010 unveiling the Muir Russell panel – other than perhaps crossing paths at the March 1 Parliamentary hearings.

British Due Diligence – Royal Society Style

The Oxburgh “report” said that the eleven “representative” publications that it reviewed had been “selected on the advice of the Royal Society”. The eleven articles were so implausible a representation that it seemed scarcely credible that they could have been selected by any person with any expertise in the field. I asked the Royal Society […]

House of Lords c/o University of East Anglia

In response to requests for mundane information such as the terms of reference of the Oxburgh Inquiry, Oxburgh pretty much laid down a gauntlet for an FOI inquiry, asserting that no relevant documents existed. I am afraid that I am not able to be very helpful as none of the documents about which you inquire […]

Beddington and the Oxburgh Inquiry

The UK government has provided an incomplete response to Andrew Montford’s FOI request for copies of “correspondence or documentation” related to “the appointment of the [Oxburgh} panel or its deliberations”. However, even the incomplete information so far shows that UK government Chief Scientist John Beddington played a critical role. In addition, it contains the remarkable […]

Oxburgh and Davies

Remember how Geoffrey Boulton tied himself into knots about his connections to the UEA and the climate science community. Now the emboldened Trevor Davies isn’t even bothering. Alert readers at CA here and at Bishop Hill’s spotted the following 2006 picture of Oxburgh (3rd from right) with Davies (far right). Caption: Lord Oxburgh and the […]

Trevor Davies, UEA on Leaked Documents: Then and Now

Trevor Davies, University of East Anglia pro-vice chancellor with responsibiltiy for research and enterprise, recently condemned the use of “stolen” emails on behalf of the University of East Anglia e.g. here. In email 0925823304.txt on May 4, 1999, Trevor Davies wrote to Phil Jones, Keith Briffa, Mike Hulme, Jean Palutikoff and Mick Kelly (who are […]