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Update on the FOI for the Wahl Attachments

On Sep 27, the UEA carried out a wildcard search of the entire CRUBACK3 server for the Wahl Attachments, reporting on Sep 28 that the search had been unsuccessful. (See here for most recent previous status report). They refused to provide some requested crosschecking information e.g. whether the emails to which the Wahl Attachments were […]

UEA Can’t Find Wahl Attachments

The main target of Phil Jones’ notorious email deletion campaign was Eugene Wahl’s surreptitious correspondence with Briffa in summer 2006, in which Wahl changed the IPCC assessment of the Mann controversy from that which had been sent out for external review. Wahl’s changes were contained in attachments to his emails to Briffa. The emails mostly […]


In the FOI request under appeal, one of the two outstanding issues is my request for a copy of the Wahl and Ammann version, as submitted to Lead Author Briffa and used in the AR4 First Draft. East Anglia has argued that Briffa received the article under conditions of ordinary academic confidentiality. My counter-argument is […]

UEA Submission to Tribunal on Wahl FOI

UEA made lengthy submission to Information Tribunal, re-iterating their claim that attachments to the Wahl emails have been destroyed. The present appeal arises in part from Acton telling to the Parliamentary Committee that they did not inquire deeply into Jones’ deletion of email request because the “emails do exist”: Q84 Graham Stringer: Thank you. Sir […]

Appeal to Information Tribunal

I’ve appealed to the Information Tribunal, continuing the longstanding effort by David Holland and I to obtain the attachments to Wahl’s surreptitious email to Briffa, containing Wahl’s changes to the IPCC assessment of the Hockey Stick from the assessment sent out to external reviewers. (Wahl’s changes appear to have been incorporated unchanged in the final […]

Acton “Tricks” the ICO

On Friday, the UK Information Commissioner ruled against my request for (1) the attachments to the Wahl-Briffa email that contained Wahl’s surreptitious changes to the AR4 Report from the language sent to reviewers to language much more favorable to Mann and Wahl; (2) Wahl and Ammann (2004, submitted), cited in the AR4 First Draft, the […]

Eudora and the Briffa Attachments

In March 2010, Eugene Wahl admitted to the NOAA Inspector-General that he had destroyed his email correspondence with Keith Briffa about changes to IPCC and falsely stated that “all” the emails were in the public domain. This was untrue. The attachments were not in the public domain. Not only were the attachments not in the […]

More NOAA Disinformation and an Appeal to the UK ICO

On March 9, 2011, NOAA scientist Eugene Wahl claimed that the “emails [he] deleted” were “all” “in the public domain” since the Climategate dossier was released. This is more disinformation from NOAA. “All” of the emails are not in the public domain. Attachments to the deleted emails – including Wahl’s changes to AR4 that are […]

Wahl Transcript Excerpt

From Capitol Hill come excerpted notes from the interview transcript between the NOAA Inspector General and Eugene Wahl. I am advised that it’s not a continuous chain, with some back and forth between the paragraphs excluded. I am advised that the excluded sections, often lengthy, do not place the excerpts in any different light than […]

Wahl-Briffa Attachments Were Deleted

The Muir Russell Inquiry was supposed to examine the email controversy. One of the issues that they purported to examine was the surreptitious Wahl-Briffa correspondence of 2006 that Fred Pearce described as a “direct subversion of the spirit of openness intended when the IPCC decided to put its internal reviews online”. In April 2010, I […]