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Acton and “Natural Person Powers”

In its refusal of David Holland’s FOI request for Muir Russell documents, the UEA has argued that it did not have a contract with Muir Russell; instead, Muir Russell was a “public appointment”. I did a blog post two years ago in which I raised questions about the veracity of UEA’s answer. The issue is […]


In the FOI request under appeal, one of the two outstanding issues is my request for a copy of the Wahl and Ammann version, as submitted to Lead Author Briffa and used in the AR4 First Draft. East Anglia has argued that Briffa received the article under conditions of ordinary academic confidentiality. My counter-argument is […]

UEA Submission to Tribunal on Wahl FOI

UEA made lengthy submission to Information Tribunal, re-iterating their claim that attachments to the Wahl emails have been destroyed. The present appeal arises in part from Acton telling to the Parliamentary Committee that they did not inquire deeply into Jones’ deletion of email request because the “emails do exist”: Q84 Graham Stringer: Thank you. Sir […]