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More on Acton’s “Investigation”

More news on Acton’s supposed “investigation” of the deletion of emails. New documents show that Acton did not even meet with Briffa or Jones in his supposed “investigation” of the deletion of emails. Acton sent Briffa a letter asking him whether he had “knowingly” deleted emails subject to FOI. Briffa wrote back that he hadn’t. […]

DOE and Jones’ Delete Request

In considering Phil Jones’ request to delete emails, attention has focussed on this action relative to UK FOI. However, at the time, Phil Jones was funded by the US Department of Energy. Readers may be interested in considering the potential effect. That Jones was funded by the US Department of Energy has been known for […]

New Light on “Delete Any Emails”

New light today on Phil Jones’ notorious request that Mann, Briffa, Wahl and Ammann “delete any emails”.

UEA Policies and Statutes of Limitations

It is almost impossible to fully dissect the negligence of the Muir Russell inquiry in virtually every aspect of its duties. Muir Russell told the Parliamentary Committee that he didn’t ask Jones (or anyone else) about email deletions since that would in effect be asking them to confess to a crime. If their ‘rigour and […]

Muir Russell Tries to Cooper Up Website

In preparation for his appearance at the SciTech Committee, Muir Russell has, at the last possible minute, attempted to cooper up his webpage by amending the list of FOI requests to include the David Holland FOI request for off-balance-sheet IPCC review comments that prompted Phil Jones’ notorious delete-all-emails request. Amazingly, this request had been left […]

UEA “Welcomes” Untrue Muir Russell Finding

Shortly after the release of the Muir Russell report, I criticized their wrongheaded and untrue finding that there had not been an outstanding FOI request at the time of the notorious Jones’ request to delete all emails seeking information on IPCC correspondence that, in Fred Pearce’s words, was a ‘subversion” of IPCC policy on openness […]

Denying Email Deletion

Phil Jones, Dec 3, 2008: About 2 months ago I deleted loads of emails, so have very little – if anything at all. Phil Jones, Nov 24, 2009 Guardian We’ve not deleted any emails or data here at CRU.

The Dog That Didn't Bark

This is the title of a famous Sherlock Holmes story and not intended as a slight to any individual. Take a look at the Review Comments for AR4 Second Draft Chapter 6 online here. While I was reviewing these comments, I noticed that there are no reported comments on chapter 6 from Caspar Ammann, one […]