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Heartland Publishes Gleick Emails

The Gleick emails in which he perpetrated his identity fraud to obtain documents are online here. I’ll collate information in a few minutes. Here’s my interpretation of this latest information on the chronology. All times shown in the Heartland jpg images of emails appear to be in Central Time. It looks to me like Gleick […]

Heartland’s Invitation to Gleick – Details

Jim Lakely of Heartland had said on twitter that Heartland had invited Gleick to speak and that Gleick had refused. I asked Lakely if they would provide me with copies of this correspondence (both to confirm their story and to pin down details of the chronology). Lakely has just provided me with this correspondence together […]


Obviously there’s been lots of discussion in the past few days about the Heartland documents and, in particular, the fake Heartland 2012 Strategy memo. I presume that CA readers are familiar with the discussion at climate blogs and elsewhere. I’ve been busy on other matters this week, but have followed the discussions and commented a […]

Heartland Presentation

I’ll post up illustrated speaking notes in a day or two, as well as some comments. May 20 – Annotated version online here. I’ve noticed two incomplete versions online. One version is on Youtube in three parts here. It misses the last few minutes of the talk, but I prefer this version to the version […]