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Above the Law

Despite its acclaim among the climate community, the recent Virginia decision (linked from article here) that public agencies are not subject to the Virginia Fraud Against Taxpayers Act (FATA) is hardly one that resolves any real issue. The decision was not based on a rational consideration of whether Cuccinnelli had sufficient grounds to investigate Mann […]

Heartland Presentation

I’ll post up illustrated speaking notes in a day or two, as well as some comments. May 20 – Annotated version online here. I’ve noticed two incomplete versions online. One version is on Youtube in three parts here. It misses the last few minutes of the talk, but I prefer this version to the version […]

The Virginia Statute

How many readers criticizing me for calling Cuccinelli out have bothered reading the actual Virginia statute? Let’s consider something practical – like Mann’s failing to disclose the adverse verification r2 results – and see whether it fits within the statute. Cuccinelli doesn’t need to go fishing around emails to find this issue. It’s been on […]

Correspondence with the University of Virginia

While we’re talking about the University of Virginia, I’ll report today on two complaints filed by Ross and I in April 2005 with the University of Virginia and their handling by then President John Casteen and Vice President Ariel Gomez.

Cuccinelli v Mann

This is a repugnant piece of over-zealousness by the Virginia Attorney General, that I condemn. Obviously, I think that Mannian effusions have negligible scientific value. However, the people in the field think otherwise and organizations like NSF seem ready and willing to lavishly fund analysis that seems to me to be little more than paleo-phrenology. […]