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Willis on GISS Model E

Willis Eschenbach has done three posts recently at WUWT on the linear relationship between input forcings and global temperature output (here, here, here), with a useful contribution by WUWT reader Paul here. Mosher observed that Isaac Held has also posted recently on the same topic in connection with the GFDL model. Willis’ posts were accompanied […]

Harrabin on UEA’s “Sleight of Hand” (Phil Willis)

Excellent commentary by Roger Harrabin here. Phil Willis, former Chair of the COmmons Science & Technology Committee has harsh words for the UEA, saying that when he “couldn’t believe it” when he learned that the university had tricked them. Willis described the UEA’s trick as “sleight of hand“.

Tricking the Committee

In my submission to the Parliamentary Committee, I observed that the “trick” wasn’t “clever” – it was the deletion of inconvenient data. The IPCC “trick” was not a “clever” mathematical method – it was merely the deletion of inconvenient data after 1960. Post-1960 values were even deleted in the reconstruction archived version at NOAA. I […]

Stringer’s Dissents – a Split Decision

MP Graham Stringer, widely recognized for insightful questioning of Jones at the Parliamentary Inquiry, voted against acceptance of the Parliamentary Inquiry report, against the inclusion of the Summary and against a number of individual items. In every case, Stringer was opposed by three MPs: Tim Boswell, Evan Harris and Brian Iddon. Individual dissents were as […]

“University ‘tried to mislead MPs on climate change e-mails’”

A savage article in the Times today by Ben Webster about the UEA submission to the UK Parliamentary Inquiry – the letter in which they tried to “trick” the Committee about the contents of the letter from the Information Commissioner. (A “trick”, according to Gavin Schmidt and the Penn State Inquiry, is a “good way” […]

Willis Eschenbach’s FOI Request

Willis Eschenbach’s account of his FOI request has been published on other blogs (e.g. here ) but I’m re-publishing it because Willis actually sent it to me first and the events all played out and were documented in real time at Climate Audit (see here for posts on FOI).  After pursuing matters until April 2007, […]