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Arthur Smith’s Trick

Look, I’m all in favor of verifying studies and claims. However, when I do this sort of exercise, I try to carefully quote whatever it is that I’m analyzing and to replicate their analysis as best as I can as part of the commentary. I quote extensively and carefully from the original study. In contrast, […]

Desmogging Desmog’s Tricks – Part 2

Desmog, without carrying out any due diligence of their own, spread false information derived from Brian Angliss here. Angliss alleged that I had “made a number of claims that are not supported by the published record”. His second such allegation arose from comments in a CA post on the Commons Select Committeee here. Towards the […]

Desmogging Desmog’s Trick – Part 1

All too often writers like Morgan Goodwin at desmog here or Brian Angliss at S& R here think that tricks are a “good way to solve a problem” (as per Gavin Schmidt at realclimate.) In a recent post, Angliss moves the pea under the thimble, using an IPCC diagram to supposedly rebut a criticism of […]