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Long overdue

Unthreaded #43

For OT links and non-topical points. Editorially, I prefer that readers stick to short points and not try to solve all the problems of the world in 3 paragraphs or prove or disprove the entire apparatus of climate science in 4 sentences. Try to avoid using adjectives. A whole lot of comments containing adjectives end […]

Unthreaded #42


Unthreaded #41

New thread.

Unthreaded #40

Unthreaded – #39

Unthreaded #38

I’ve lost track of the number of “unthreadeds” on CA, but the last one at 800 + posts is getting a bit unwieldy. So please continue here. – Anthony

Unthreaded #37

It seems a bit mean that Dan Hughes had to post an interesting Unthreaded comment on a year-old thread with nearly 1000 comments.

Unthreaded #36

Unthreaded #35